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Sima Charters Monthly Operational Letter / November 2018


Sima Charters experiences a growing demand for transfers in the offshore industry. The windfarms where we operate are part of an industry that works on alternative energy sources and with that, less pressure on the environment, something we can relate to.

In this industry, where Sima Charters as CTV operators & innovators operate, fuel consumption is a big thing. The difference in daily consumption between various vessels is huge. Figures from 500 liters up to 5000 (!!) liters of fuel consumption per day were registered for transferring the same group of passengers.

Our vision is clear: you don’t use a lorry to get yourself to the office. When big goods need to be delivered we call in a big vessel. But in most cases we have a cost-efficient alternative right at hand. These alternatives are basically designed by our clients and crew. These people know best what is needed to perform out there, so we use their intelligence in all our vessels.

For a number of years we're using Gyro stabilizers on board of our fleet to reduce the most annoying movement of a vessel: rolling. Not surprisingly the use of these stabilizers increased the  quality of the transfer. Having this, we offer smaller vessels, with greater workability and less fuel consumption.

So if you were still wondering: YES there are CTV vessels burning 5000 liters of fuel a day and YES we have vessels consuming less than 500 liters per 12 hrs working day!
Michel Koffeman
Commercial Manager



QHSE Update

In the coming month we will focus on safety plans on all vessels. Our aim is to ensure that life saving appliances and fire fighting equipment are located in the best possible position. We also want to verify that all equipment is stowed as indicated on the safety plan.

We will request you to record any deviations from the current plan and discuss possible changes to the it. If required, revised plans will be produced by the end of November. Let’s increase the safety together! ​
QHSE Department.



SC Sapphire
The SC Sapphire barely had time to get rid of her hangover as she was put straight to work after her christening in April this year. There was barely time to visit the yard and review all her innovating feautures and how they were holding up so far.

Finally, after a successful project for Senvion, we got the chance to give her some well-deserved attention. Off course, as things go these days, this period was shorter than expected as a new client was lined up, requiring short notice duties. The SC Sapphire is now performing on the Gemini OWF on a 'trial' base for Van Oord. Later this month we hope to receive all information regarding her performance on this project from this well-respected client. In the meantime we received some great feedback and results of the past couple of months. The special monohull design in combination with a massive gyro (Seakeeper) and of course our fresh bean coffee machine made the SC Sapphire the most popular vessel on site! 

SC Elan

The Sima-fleet consists of various vessels, customized for various markets. We recently welcomed back our pride in dredging support: the SC Elan. She has worked intensively on a dredging job in Egypt and was in need of some vessel-TLC. After an extensive shipyard period she is now back in Maassluis, shining and ready for another project somewhere on the globe. If you are interested in a fast, high-quality and easy to transport CTV please contact us at  attn. Michel Koffeman.

PS. she already has The Netherlands, Belgium and Egypt on her CV.


4-11-1988 Taco Davids
6-11-1980 Dimitri Wolthuis
19-11-1996 Royce Lokker


Blue Whale of Maassluis
Performing the Rotterdam Anchorage works. 
SC Amethyst
Working for Vattenfall on the Windfarm/Area Danish Kriegers Flak.
SC Falcon
Working at Northsea 1 from Norddeich
Callisto Maassluis
Working on project ‘THV Zeeschelde’.
SC Opal
Working in La Reunion, where she works for “DEME” as a crew and survey vessel.
SC Elite
Available for new projects.
SC Elan
She arrived back in Maassluis, after almost two years of work in Egypt.
Available for new projects.
SC Agate
Available for new projects per November.
SC Sapphire
Working for Van Oord at Gemini OWF
SC Macaw
Available for new projects.  
SC Amber
Performing the Rotterdam anchorage works.

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