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    • Workshop Ahead! 
    • Course Set! Full Speed!
    • We Support your Outreach – Take 2
    • Trial of Face Mask Recycling Published in Danish Media
    • How Similar are Biosimilars?
    • Inauguration of the 3D Imaging Centre at DTU
    • Cu-speciation in Mordenite for Direct Methane to Methanol Conversion

Workshop Ahead!

Welcome July, welcome summer, welcome (not least) some relaxation of covid-guidelines. And as an offshoot of that: WELCOME (in advance) to the coming LINX Workshop on the afternoon of Thursday the 19th of August. It is the first one of its kind since December 2019, so indeed long overdue. You should all have received a calendar invitation for the event, we hope that as many as possible of you will be able to join. With almost two years since our last gathering, there is some ground to cover.

The general theme of the workshop is “past, present and future”. In other words, not so much specific project presentations but rather the general journeys which different companies have had with LINX. What was before LINX, what happened generally in LINX so far, and what are the outlooks of these developments. The LINX Project, which launched the Association as part of our initial funding scheme, is concluding now, so it is an excellent opportunity to evaluate “what has happened”. We will hear from large as well as small companies, newcomers as well as old friends.  

In other words: It is going to be a blast! Also, true to tradition we will wrap up the day with a social snacks-and-beer event just four minutes walking from the workshop venue, the HQ of the Danish Confederation of Industry (another tradition). So, by all means, join us! Enjoy networking with colleagues and partners out there, inspiring talks and – not least – the social ambience of all of us finally getting together again!

Want to join our Workshop, but didn´t receive an invitation? Write to and ask to join!

Course Set! Full Speed!

By June 30th, the LINX Project that founded our Association formally concluded. So “what now”, you may ask. Well, while the LINX Association was created as a mediator organization and operator to the Project, it was always intended to outlive it – even indefinitely, based on member interest and membership fees. Such was the ambition.

The LINX Project itself was founded on the Danish National ESS Strategy. One could add a “1.0”, because what happened about a year ago was the release of the Strategy ver. 2.0. To our immense joy it recommended an ongoing (funded) industry portal albeit in an updated format, which is of course very sensible given how much time has passed. That format is even now being hammered out. Bottom line and good news: The momentum and community we have built in LINX will almost definitely get a vessel and an opportunity to live on. At a certain level, LINX has indeed been a “living lab” of how to create and run an academic-leaning industry portal – or “innovation platform”, i.e. a whole ecosystem, as it were. The ambition of the new, coming portal is to grow that ecosystem even further. The massive volume of experience from LINX plays a heavy role in this endeavour; it is shaping the future – and a bright one at that, by every sign and tell. 

All to say, dear friends, dear LINX “Family”, the journey is far from over. Hence this small update on our current heading. It is all worthy of celebration.


We Support your Outreach – Take 2

LINX employs a strong communication team harbouring both classical journalistic skills and a finetuned understanding of social platforms, science writing and how opinions are formed by mass media. In the coming newsletters we highlight various ways in which the team supports LINX members. This time:

Facilitating opinion pieces

Opinion pieces are a great way to get your message across to a broader public. It is also a great way to get noticed by potential partners, investors or customers. But the road from the message you want to convey to seeing it in print or online can be long and winding. This is where the LINX communication team may step in to support and guide you all the way. The team analyses your case and suggests the ideal media channel, where your audience is present. They also aid you in finding the right length, format, and wording – and will search the media landscape for an ongoing debate, where your piece fits in, knowing that maximises the chances of publication. Finally, the team will help you by posting on LINX’ social media once your piece is published. 

If you are interested in what communication LINX can offer, contact CEO Jacob-Becker Christensen on his phone +45 2065 6862 or e-mail

Hao Yin and TEGnology showcases this kind of cooperation within LINX

TEGnology showcase

Trial of Face Mask Recycling Published in Danish Media

After the Danish Broadcasting Corporation,, wrote that you shouldn’t reuse your face mask because of germs, LINX’ communication team reached out to DR’s journalist. The reason? One of LINX’ members, Ingo Walterscheid of Global Material & Asset Fond, is working with Circular Medico in Randers on recycling face masks. The work is still in its trial phase. has about 32 million readers every month – and other media keep an eye on Following LINX’ intervention, Ingo Walterscheid’s testing of recycling face masks was mentioned in several newspaper articles, on TV and in trade publications.

LINX’ communication team is dedicated to telling the good stories about LINX’ members by reaching out to key media players – newspapers, magazines and TV, and informing about LINX and its members’ achievements on LinkedIn and Twitter. We are delighted when we can help highlight work and research that can improve life or help reduce waste – such as the story about recycling face masks.

Read the article


How Similar are Biosimilars?

Icelandic company Alvotech work to deliver high quality and cost-efficient biosimilars across the globe. A biosimilar is a biopharmaceutical with comparable quality, safety, and efficacy to a reference product on the market. In a project with University of Copenhagen, they used SAXS to verify the similarity of different monoclonal antibodies that are used for treating various diseases.

Read the one pager
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Inauguration of the 3D Imaging Centre at DTU

The new Centre will be official inaugurated on 2 September. 

It is the largest of its kind in Northern Europe and offers world-class facilities in X-ray and neutron imaging techniques. The centre houses both frontline research, research-based teaching and collaboration with industry. The new facilities will help bring concrete sustainable solutions from the laboratory for industrial use.

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Cu-speciation in Mordenite for Direct Methane to Methanol Conversion

Within a collaboration of the industrial Catalysis Science and Innovation Centre for Research-based Innovation researchers at Topsoe studied Cu-mordenite zeolites using a variety of methods, including HERFD-XANES and XPS. Zeolites are active in the direct conversion to methanol with active sites different from NH3-SCR. 

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Date Event Location
Jul. 12th-30th Virtual: National School on Neutron and X-ray Scattering 2021 Virtual
Aug. 19th LINX Workshop 2021 Cph., DK
Aug. 23rd-27th Summer school: CINEMAX VI PhD Summer school 2021 Virtual
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