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New interim LINX director and management team

An interim LINX director and management team have been established until the next LINX director is found. The interim management team consists of the three branch managers Carsten Gundlach (DTU), Maja Thomsen (AU) and Erik Brok (KU), and Carsten Gundlach has been appointed the role as interim director of the LINX association and the LINX project. The interim director and management team will take over the daily operations of LINX in close dialogue with the LINX board to ensure an effective continuation of the LINX association and to maintain progress in the LINX project. In the interim team, we will continue to focus on the collaboration between industry, academia and large-scale facilities to facilitate innovative science solutions for Danish industry based on advanced neutron and X-ray technologies. We are looking forward to the continued collaboration with all LINX members and project partners.

LINX Workshops Corner

New workshops coming up this fall

Are you a LINX member and is your company currently working with materials using some of the technologies and processes mentioned below? Then you are invited! Mark your calendars and do not miss to sign up for our coming workshops.
Colloid Materials - October 24th at Tetra Pak in Lund, Sweden
Many everyday items, such as foods and ingredients, cosmetics, detergents, paints, coatings and pharmaceutical formulations, are colloids. The microscopic structure of colloids determines their properties and is therefore important to understand. In this meeting, we will discuss how X-ray and neutron techniques are used to study colloid materials in LINX.
Sorption of Liquids and Humidity - November 11th at Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark
Understanding sorption of liquids and humidity through materials or along interfaces can be of great importance for improving material design. In LINX we study sorption with X-rays and neutrons, either by following the flow of the liquid front directly, or by investigating the structural changes in the material as the liquid is absorbed.
Materials at Operating and Processing conditions - November 14th at Novo Nordisk, Hillerød
In-depth understanding of material structure, properties and degradation during actual use is crucial for manufacturers. In the focus area Materials at Operating and Processing Conditions a combination of diffraction and imaging methods is applied to investigate how operating and processing conditions influence the morphology and microstructure as well as the underlying atomic structure. Operando and in situ experiments are combined with investigations of materials and components after exposure to operating/processing environments.
Fiber Structure and Dynamics - November 25th at DTU, Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark
To understand and ultimately exploit the structure-function relationship of the fibers, a thorough measurement and data analysis is required. This workshop will therefore focus on how X-ray imaging enables visualization of the 3D arrangement of fibers inside materials over several length scales and how the small angle scattering can add information on the internal structure.

Coming soon:
Quality Assurance

If you would like to attend, get involved and learn more about any of the above workshops, please contact Silvia Cebanu at 

Members corner

How can X-rays and neutrons lead to innovation in the food industry?

This was the question we wanted to answer at a workshop at University of Copenhagen. More than 60 participants from Danish and international universities and food industry enjoyed scientific presentations and interesting discussions. The workshop will hopefully inspire future collaborative projects between the participants. More here

A neutron afternoon at FOOD

The University of Copenhagen hosted experts on neutron science (l-r: Marité Cárdenas, Malmö University; Anna Sokolova, ANSTO; and Heloisa Nunes Bordallo, Niels Bohr Institute) to highlight the application of neutrons for studying food. The food scientists present learned about the many possibilities using small-angle scattering, reflectometry, and inelastic scattering.

Workshop on introduction to volumetric image analysis

On 19th-20th September, the Center for Quantification of Imaging Data from MAX IV (QIM) was hosting a workshop on introduction to volumetric image analysis. The workshop took place at Copenhagen University and 23 participants from both universities and several companies enjoyed both the first day with a general introduction and more basic hands-on training, as well as the second day which was dedicated to working on own data and more advanced techniques. It was a great pleasure to see that four of the six participating industrial partners are also members of the LINX association, as well as the participating three universities. In the future, similar workshops will be announced via LINX as well.

LINX at the MAX IV User Meeting 2019

Rafael Jeppesen from Aarhus University attended the 31st MAX IV User Meeting in Lund from the 23rd-25th September to represent LINX, get a status of the different beamlines at MAX IV and hear about highlights from MAX IV users. At the first day of the meeting, he presented a poster giving an overview of the LINX project. He attended various talks about metal processing including machining, joining, and printing studied with synchrotron light to stay up to date with the advances within this field.

CAROTS project

On September 17th there was a very interesting meeting on the CAROTS Interreg project “Commercial Analytical Research Organisations Transnational Strategy”. Some fourteen intermediary companies had made it to Copenhagen to discuss forming a network for the benefit of industry and the large-scale facilities. These companies become increasingly important as translators of complex science to industrial R&D value. ESS, European XFEL and DESY gave presentations on their view on the collaboration and following their input we formulated a network strategy and vision. Further exciting steps ahead!

DanScatt corner

NordBatt Conference 2019

The fourth Nordic battery conference, NordBatt 2019 brought together researchers and industry from the field of rechargeable batteries at DTU on September 25th to 27th 2019. The conference program brought a lot of attention to synchrotron and neutron studies of battery materials with several talks about this topic as well as entire workshop dedicated to Operando and in situ characterization of battery materials.

Read more about NordBatt conference

DanScatt Annual Meeting 2020 – Save the date

The Annual Danscatt Meeting will take place at Danish Technical University in Kgs. Lyngby on the 3rd to the 4th of June, 2020. More information will follow here.

Upcoming events

Date Event Location
October 24th LINX focus workshop: Colloid materials (WP4) Tetra Pak Lund Sweden
October 30th-31st DTU High Tech Summit DTU Kgs. Lyngby Denmark
November 6th-8th Surfactants and Polymers in Aqueous Solution Malmø Sweden
November 11th LINX focus workshop: Sorption of liquids and humidity (WP6) Aarhus University Aarhus Denmark
November 14th LINX focus workshop: Materials at operating and processing conditions (WP8) Novo Nordisk Hillerød Denmark
November 25th LINX focus workshop: Fiber structure and dynamics (WP7) DTU Kgs. Lyngby Denmark
December 10th LINX Workshop 2019 Danish Industry Copenhagen Denmark
If you would like to participate and know more about any of the above events, please contact Silvia Cebanu at
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