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May, 2021

General Assembly Ahead!

Another month came and went, with some more sun and hopes of a less corona-stricken future. What May will bring, apart from more of both (we hope), is the LINX General Assembly. It is to be held on May 27th at 15.00 and will like last year be an online event. All members will soon receive the invitation, so keep an eye on your mailbox.

Naturally, we hope to see as many of you as possible for the event. It will be one where we look back, as GA must, but also somewhat forward into the gray zone of 2022 and the process which is currently ongoing into “what” the sequel to LINX will be. There is a general appetite for a continued innovation platform in the area of X-rays and neutrons, i.e., based on LINX, but not just us, as there are others out there with valuable experience (and business) in the mediator field. We will present these developments to the best of our knowledge and ability at the time. So please join!

Weird Wood

LINX has a new collaboration partner in the SME Woodfiber ApS, which has a business in creating wood-based insulation material – popularly known as “wood wool” – for different purposes, including cold-storage boxes and residences. For a world which faces an enormous climate-related task in the construction sector, playing on all available materials solutions certainly seems like a good idea. And the market for upgrading the energy efficiency of human dwellings will only grow.

In houses, one of the main worries about using wood inside walls or ceilings is flammability. However, Woodfiber very recently demonstrated a very interesting material effect, namely that woodfibers may actually function as a fire inhibitor. A formal test carried out by a Danish institute revealed that wood insulation quickly chars in the surface, essentially creating a dense layer of charcoal, which is sufficiently compact and heat insulating to be fire resistant. As it slowly burns, the charcoal layer migrates through the insulation structure like a mobile flame shield. 

LINX’s very own case author: Martin Ljungstrøm Nielsen

Martin was originally hired with the task of writing one-page cases of the projects that takes place between LINX Project members and connected universities. Since then, he has grown into LINX Association and is now a part of the communications team. Coming from a background as a M.Sc. in Techno-Anthropology at Aalborg University, Martin has been trained to bridge the gaps between the Scientific world and the Danish industry. He has previously worked on facilitating innovative projects at the Danish Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs.

Beside LINX he also works within the world of Craft beers with a special taste for Wild Ales at a Mikkeller beer bar and is also a board member at IDA the Danish Engineer Union, where he creates events for its members. Martin spends his spare time enjoying the city of Copenhagen when it is sunny, or on day trips into the Danish nature on bicycle and on foot.

Upcycling Waste

Those of you who have followed our LinkedIn activity, will probably have noticed the sequel to our continued story of “how to turn waste into oil”. This time it manifested itself into a small on-site interview with the company – Bio2Oil – with explanation of what the company does, how its conversion process works and what LINX may be able to help with. If you haven’t watched it yet, just follow the link below.

Also: If you think this sort of thing is interesting, we would like to whisper the plea that you perhaps invite others (who are also interested) in your network to follow our LinkedIn. We try our best to portray the beauty of novel technologies, apart from the roles that X-rays, or neutrons might play in their development. In other words, real communication – not advertisement. It could perhaps be fun for others to watch along.

Watch the video! (Danish)

Let us help you

Lest we forget: Communication matters. In LINX we do tons of it, we have a good in-house skillset and we are generally really eager to help all our members with good storytelling and awareness. It is a core service we provide – from us to you. And a proven source of value creation. Case in point: Bio2Oil, again. In case you are interested in the sequel to the sequel, a small LINX-facilitated debate piece appeared in just a few days ago (link below).

As an awareness-outlet, debate and opinion pieces are extremely useful, as already demonstrated for the diverse company cases of Frichs Pyrolysis, TEGnology ApS and – now – Bio2Oil. Not to mention LINX’ own organization: Our “lessons learned” as a mediator institution, etc. We like to share.

In other words: If you at your organization has a pressing message with some “edge” that you want to get out there, let us know. We may be able to help, and we are here for all of you.

Read the debate piece (Danish)

The Silver Lining?

Who here are interested in Danish research policy? All of you! How nice. Well, to wind up on a positive note, the Danish Council on Innovation- and Research Policy has recently disclosed its annual report, which finds that innovation enjoyed an extraordinary boost in 2020. It is concluded that for all its destruction, grief, hardships and chaos, the Covid-19 epidemic at least has been an extremely powerful driver for new inventions, cross-disciplinary cooperation, and scientific transparency. The council also finds that general “silo-thinking”, which is a problem in science as well as society, overall has been overcome to surprising extent in 2020. With the hasty addition: “Not that we wish for the crisis to continue” (end quote).

Bottom line: It seems at least that this whole ordeal has put us on track to be better armed against something similar in the future. Now we have it in simple, Latin black.

Read the publication (Danish)

Members corner

Introducing Tetra Pak - Protects what’s good

Tetra Pak products are designed to save food and costs, with a focus on sustainability. It was the first company in the food and beverage industry to offer packaging with fully traceable plant-based polymers certified by Bonsucro.

The 2030 ambition is to deliver a package with the lowest comparable carbon footprint. A package made of renewable and/or recycled materials that is fully recyclable, without ever compromising food safety
Visit the website of Tetra Pak

Investigation of gypsum after high temperature exposure

When it comes to a fire, it matters if a building is constructed from wood, concrete or gypsum. To predict a material’s fire resistance, fire tests can be performed, but they are expensive and a growing interest in modelling fire resistances is observed. The models are based on material properties, such as the amount of air in a given volume, which can be studied non-destructively by X-ray computed tomography.

Via a LINX outreach project, the Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology (DBI) collaborated with the 3D Imaging Center at DTU, to examine gypsum exposed to different temperatures.

Read the one pager
Read other LINX one pagers (furthest down)

DanScatt Corner

CPHSAXS, The SAXS Facility for biological samples at University of Copenhagen

The small angle X-ray facility, CPHSAXS, is an in-house SAXS beam-line dedicated to biological samples. Funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation, the free access facility hosts a BioXolver L.

The goal is to act both as a place of data acquisition and to provide access to screening of samples before synchrotron experiments. Both academia and industry are welcome.
Read more about CPHSAXS

Upcoming Events

Date Event Location
May 5th Virtual: Science at Large Scale Research Facilities – Neutron Sciences at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory Virtual
May 6th Virtual: Investigating the early life on Earth with nanoscale X-ray coherent imaging Virtual
May 10th-12th Virtual: Swedish Neutron Week 2021 Virtual
May 17th-20th Virtual course: SWEDNESS/LINXS Doctoral-level course on neutron imaging Virtual
May 20th Virtual: X-ray ptychographic topography, a new tool for strain imaging – Diffraction of X-ray by thin perfect crystals Virtual
May 17th-21st Virtual: QENS/WINS 2021 Virtual
May 30nth-Jun. 3rd Virtual: Magnetic Small Angle Neutron Scattering – from Nanoscale Magnetism to Long‐Range Magnetic Structures Virtual
Jun. 8th-11th Virtual: MLZ Conference 2021 – Neutrons for Life Sciences Virtual
Jun. 9th-11th Virtual: Northern Lights on Food (NLF) II 2021 Virtual
Jun. 14th-18th Virtual: SwedNESS PhD school: Neutrons in Life Science and Biomaterials Virtual
If you would like to participate or know more about LINX events, please contact Lilian Rasmussen at
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