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June, 2021
Participants in LINX GA

General Assembly: Done!

As you all know, the LINX Association General Assembly was held a few days ago on May 27th. It was a blast! 18 happy organizations participated. An overview was given of the past year (it went great!) and the coming year (some obscurity in 2022, but likely great!).

Most importantly, it was decided that the LINX Association shall call for an extraordinary GA in the late fall to (1) hear more about activities in 2022, (2) based on this, decide on future membership fees and (3) receive presentation of the budget proposal for 2022. Much of the ongoing process with the continuation of LINX will be clearer by then.

Also, a new board was elected. Well, most of the members decided to stay on, braving another exciting year in the Association. We saw one departure: Dorthe Lybye of ROCKWOOL, board member for years AND chairperson until 2020. She stepped down. Her seat was taken over by Ove Munch of Frichs Pyrolysis, meaning another SME represented in the board alongside TEGnology (Hao Yin) and Biomodics (Peter Thomsen). 

We in the LINX administration truly look forward to work with this new board. It has been great so far, and the coming year will offer even more excitement than the last one!

The Strength of Researcher Networks

Many people talk about how more money could sensibly be spent on research and the universities (a point that it is hard to deny). A related and yet different discourse is how that money is spent wisely. The most obvious answer is of course, “do it efficiently”. So how to make spending efficient? One clear and demonstrated useful way is via researcher networks. Or loose associations if you will. Where researchers within a particular field but from many institutions sit together to facilitate and drive a particular research agenda. Their knowledge about “what is cooking” – and more pertinently, “what is burning” – offers unique insights into how to best spend limited funds in optimal ways.

One model example is the researcher network “DanScatt” consisting of all Danish university researchers who use large-scale X-ray or neutron facilities. It is one of few networks which actually receives funding from the Danish government – explicitly to uphold national research activities in the X-ray/neutron arena. Which it does, and has done, admirably for years and years. Effectively enabling a small nation to punch above its weight. Maximum value-for-money.

Want to read more? Possibly while also exercising your Danish skills (or the use of Google Translate)? Then have a click and see what your beloved CEO to the LINX Association had to say about the subject – as recently published in Total excitement!

Read the article (Danish)

Introducing FOSS Analytics 

Allow us to present: FOSS Analytics. Another company among the many LINX collaborates with, on a mixed value proposition of (1) technical innovation based on X-rays and neutrons and (2) communication/promotion services focused on materials and innovation – in short, awareness-building. FOSS is one of the world’s greatest developers and suppliers of analytical equipment for the food industry. The techniques involved are many and varied, and X-rays offer quite a few possibilities. We are super excited to see how we may help FOSS develop these.

Meanwhile, our communication team is already working with the company to further expose its amazing innovation to the world. In other words, stay tuned for publications or media appearances. Working on them!

Media Picks Up Story of Face Mask Recycling

Circle Medico ApS is a media hit. It collects used face masks from hospitals to repurpose them for new face masks at its factory in Randers. The project is still in a trial phase. However, if successful, it will save the world tons of added plastic waste, since face masks are made of plastic.

The story of Circle Medico was first mentioned on the frontpage of the Danish national public service company Dansk firma er de første til at genanvende brugte mundbind.

A few days later the Sunday morning talk-show: Badabing – a satirical, cozy talk show with more than 900,000 listeners – made fun of Circle Medico’s name and that its factory is located in the town Randers. However, it also informed us that global use of face masks is 129 billion a month, adding that Circle Medico collects used face masks from hospitals and neutralizes them with ultraviolet light before the material is reused.

Ingo Walterscheid and Lars Thomas Kristensen founded GMAF Circle Medico ApS at the beginning of the global COVID-19 pandemic in April 2020. They are also co-founders of Global Material & Asset Fond, and members of LINX. LINX could therefore facilitate contact with DTU to help analyze the face masks.

Want to hear the Badabing-show yourself? Timestamp 21.40-24.22 (Danish)

Another LINX Case 


As previously announced, the LINX Association is in the process of publishing a range of cases on its Focus Project activities. Said cases are based on those developed by the universities but written in layman-style arranged under various innovation topics. Another one is now here: Case 3 on the Biomodics project “Interpenetrating polymer networks for drug delivery” – now recast as (translated from Danish): “Better product insight into bio-tech equipment”. It basically explains – in simple language – that neutron radiation can be used to gain a molecular understanding of polymers, and how that insight is essential to create better products and drive forward innovation.

And yes, sorry, you read right. Danish. We are working towards the English translations, but for administrative reasons it made sense to begin development with the Danish versions. So, for now, enjoy our beloved tongue-twisting and eye-watering language – for practice or amusement. Or simply stay tuned! 

Read the LINX case (Danish)

We Support Your Outreach – take 1

LINX employs a strong communication team harbouring both classical journalistic skills and a finetuned understanding of social platforms, science writing and how opinions are formed by mass media. In the coming newsletters we highlight various ways in which the team supports LINX members. This time:

Communication analysis 

LINX's communication team offers to interview you about your business, products and wishes for media coverage. The analysis reveals how your company gets noticed in social and mass media. The outcome is one or more initiatives where LINX can assist you and your business. It might be content for social media. It might be a story offered to a journalist. It might be assistance on content, form, and the right outlet for an opinion piece, giving you an opportunity to point out an area with potential or problems and describe how society best utilizes or solves it. Within the past year more than ten companies in LINX have accepted the offer of a communication analysis. 

If you are interested in what LINX can offer of communication services, contact CEO Jacob Becker-Christensen on his phone +45 2065 6862 or e-mail

Members corner

Introducing University of Copenhagen – X-rays reveal the nano world

At University of Copenhagen, state of the art in-house X-ray equipment and international synchrotron and neutron sources are used for discovering the structure and function of systems on the nanoscale. Particular emphasis is on materials that are important for Danish industry, such as polymers, food materials, colloids, and biomacromolecules for pharmaceuticals.

Visit the website of University of Copenhagen

Durability of Enameled Glass in Saline Environments

Enameled glass is used for a wide range of glazing applications, e.g., architecture, automotive and domestic appliances. Researchers from Aarhus University collaborated with VELUX A/S to examine possible degradation of enameled glass in saline conditions.

Read the one pager
Read other LINX one pagers (furthest down)

X-ray tomography of a T. rex skull

In March 2021, the 3D Imaging Centre at DTU had a pretty young – though 66 million years old – guest: a Tyrannosaurus rex. The skull of this 6-7 years old T. rex was studied using in-house X-ray tomography at the 3D Imaging Centre. The measurements are part of the DaSSco (Danish System of Scientific Collections) project, which aims as digitizing scientific collections and making them publicly available.

Read more here

UCPH installs Nano-inXider SAXS system

The new Nano-inXider (Xenocs®) at UCPH

At Dept. of Food Science, University of Copenhagen (UCPH), a new Nano-inXider (Xenocs®) instrument has just been installed. The instrument is a super user-friendly combined small- and wide-angle X-ray scattering system and the third SAXS system at UCPH. It is funded jointly by the department and the FOODHAY infrastructure initiative. The system is open to academia and industry via Associate Professor Jacob Kirkensgaard.


DanScatt Corner

Save the date - DanScatt Annual meeting 2021


The DanScatt Annual Meeting will take place at DTU in Lyngby and this year postponed to October on Friday 8 and Saturday 9 (noon to noon).

The event committee hope for a big event and expect to see up to 200 participators.

So, please save the date and wait for more information on the conference page, which will open soon.

Keep an eye on

Upcoming Events

Date Event Location
May 30nth-Jun. 3rd Virtual: Magnetic Small Angle Neutron Scattering – from Nanoscale Magnetism to Long‐Range Magnetic Structures Virtual
Jun. 8th-11th Virtual: MLZ Conference 2021 – Neutrons for Life Sciences Virtual
Jun. 9th-11th Virtual: Northern Lights on Food (NLF) II 2021 Virtual
Jun. 14th-18th Virtual: SwedNESS PhD school: Neutrons in Life Science and Biomaterials Virtual
Jun. 21st-30th Virtual, course: ORNL online course on Neutron Scattering Application in Structural Biology Virtual
Jun. 22d-24th Virtual, course: SAXS in the Pharmaceutical Industry Virtual
Jul. 12th-30th Virtual: National School on Neutron and X-ray Scattering 2021 Virtual
Aug. 23rd-27th Summer school: CINEMAX VI PhD Summer school 2021 Virtual
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