If Republicans and Nigel Farage break California up into three states, California as you know it can't become an independent country.


We are launching a $25,000 fundraiser today to combat the misinformation campaign about Calexit led and propped up by conservative Americans, and to defeat Proposition 9, the Republican ballot measure to break California into three states.

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Dear Calexiteer, 

We want to share a story with you.

It is a story of foreign-backed conservative agenda to break California into several states in order to bolster conservative political power and weaken California's influence in the United States as a blue state, and on a larger level, complicate the growing effort for California to become an independent country. 

And this story is not just about Timothy Draper, Three Californias, and Proposition 9 on this year's ballot. Last year during this campaign's major growth spurt after the election of Donald Trump, public opinion polls showed support for Calexit growing rapidly -- some showing that nearly half of Californians were not opposed to seceding from the United States!

That reality sent shock waves right up the legs of the powers that be, and it is inevitably the beginning of Timothy Draper's Three Californias Proposition 9. Let's take a trip through time.

On January 15, 2017, a two-man campaign to break California into two states along ideological lines was "launched" just days before the California Secretary of State gave us at Yes California the go-ahead to start collecting signatures for Calexit. These two men were traveling around California with a "declaration of independence". Conservative media Fox News promoted their grievances from rural Californians, and the questions started pouring in. California voters confused about Calexit thanks to the conservative media.

And on March 20, 2017, Timothy Draper liked what he saw in a second article from Fox News about this same two-man campaign and a declaration of independence. 

Then Nigel Farage caught the attention of Tim Draper and Tim Draper fell in love

A week later, in March of 2017,  in the midst of the signature collection drive to put the Calexit independence referendum on the ballot, Nigel Farage, a conservative, anti-immigrant nationalist from the UK came to California and announced his plans to divide California into two states along ideological lines. Sound familiar?

Farage, a Brexit leader, decided to call his project "Calexit" and the conservative national media covered it extensively. 

To this day we receive questions from our supporters asking why our progressive campaign would bring Nigel Farage on board, and why our campaign is led by a couple of conservative Trump supporters from rural California. Once and for all, let us declare that Calexit is not affiliated with or supported by Nigel Farage, nor do we have anything to do with any conservative efforts to break California up into different states.

After the media published their Nigel Farage - Calexit stories, Suddenly, Nigel Farage and his "Calexit" plan disappeared. Or did it?
On March 31, 2017 Tim Draper declared his love for Nigel Farage, just days after Farage's plan to divide California into two states along ideological lines made headlines in California and around the world. That same week, Draper made no secret of the fact that he was looking for outside - foreign - help.

Check out this snapshot of an article from the Sacramento Bee: 
By mid-April, we had to pull our Calexit referendum from circulation. There was so much confusion about Calexit - is it tied to Nigel Farage, the Fox News-backed New California Campaign, or even crazier - Russia? No doubt America's corporate media killed the first Calexit referendum campaign. Makes sense: this was the first time since the Civil War period that a state was mobilizing to hold an independence referendum and nearly half the state's population was open to the idea!

But it didn't kill the campaign itself. On August 17, 2017, Yes California relaunched a new effort under its new and current leader, Marcus Ruiz Evans. The very next day, on August 18, Timothy Draper filed his Nigel Farage and Republican-backed initiative to divide California into three states. As you saw earlier, he knew he was "going for three states" back in March. Why wait until Calexit relaunches?

So again, headlines about Calexit, Tim Draper, Nigel Farage and breaking California into different states all together, and again, more confused voters. This is a story of a deliberate conservative effort to confuse California voters in order to weaken enthusiasm, and it ought to be criminal. 
We need your help to defeat Three Californias and to continue the fight to make California an independent country. Our first priority will be educating voters. We need one California for all Californians -- not three Californias for Republican benefit. Will you stand with us today by making a generous donation of  $500, $250, $100, $50, or even $25 today?
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Honestly, this campaign is as grassroots as it comes. 

Contrary to conspiracy theories flying around, we are not funded by any foreign governments, we are not funded by George Soros, we are not funded by the Koch brothers, we are not funded by Silicon Valley.

We are funded by you -- the supporters of California independence.

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