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April 2020

Dear Glyder
Welcome the Covid-19 edition of The Glyder for 2020. We want to stay linked to you, and for you to still feel connected to our Glyde-In. 

In this issue:

Hello Dear Members
It’s not half the fun without you!  Since late March, Glyde-In has been eerily quiet without members coming and going; it is a strange phenomenon indeed, and only proves that our members are the very life-blood of Glyde-In. As you know, we cancelled the final three weeks of term 1 due to Covid-19.  Our Management Committee realised we would have to cancel our Term 2 programme as well, and perhaps even term 3.  It was a blow to all of us.  However it was agreed to retain our staff throughout, who would work from home and endeavour to resurrect as many talks and activities as we could in an online format .
And so there is a bright side - a number of our regular tutors and speakers are keen to work with us using the online group meeting programme called Zoom. In fact, tutors Francesca Cardoni and Ruperto Nunez are doing this already, teaching their Italian and Spanish classes this way.  Most of their regular students have taken to it like ducks to water.  And we’ve held committee meetings and planning groups that way too.
Using Zoom is not the same as being in a live group that’s for sure, but once you get used to seeing yourself on the screen you relax a bit, ignore your own image and start having fun with the group.  Really. Our regular groups such as Book Club, Chess and Mah Jong have either started or hope to go online. This way they can still be together even though they’re physically apart.  And choirmaster Digby Hill is leading our Songsters in online singing sessions where members are harmonising from home, at socially-acceptable distances.  (see photo).

We’ll have more news soon on our upcoming activities and we hope you’ll join us when you can.

And of course we look forward to being back and fully operational as soon as we can.

PS: If you’d like a copy of our newly developed Zoom Quick Guide, please click here.  It's a great help if you would like to experiment with Zoom, which is free and very easy to use.  And we'll run some early try-out sessions with members before any courses or talks begin so we all become familiar with it.

Branching Out!

Our Garden Room had a lucky escape over Easter.  A large tree branch fell on it, puncturing the roof and putting a small hole in the ceiling.  It fell from the magnificent Swamp Mahogany in Glasson Park. The weather had been calm and warm, so the cause is unclear.
As it was Easter, we couldn’t seek assistance from the Council, so we asked Owen Ritson for help.  Owen is a Glyde-In member, a retired arborist and a volunteer Glyde-In bus driver. He removed the branch with volunteer Jono Farmer’s aid, and together they threw the cut branch pieces into the park. The roof was punctured and dented such that it required a new roof sheet, which Owen fitted most expertly.
And then on Monday the tree shed another branch which fell in the park between the Garden Room and the basketball court. Smaller limbs landed on the Garden Room roof but appear to have caused no damage. Again the weather played no part. So we have some concern about the tree as it is in a children’s playground.
While we are concerned about the safety of the tree, we recognise it is a beautiful asset to the community. We hope the Council can save the tree while making it safe.
Glyde-In recognises the invaluable assistance that Owen Ritson provided. He freely gave his time, experience, tools and materials to secure the Garden Room and asked for nothing in return.  And as always, our thanks go to Jono.

It seems everyone is "Zooming"! What exactly is it? Well it's an on line interactive software that enables you to have conversations and with lots of people. You can do pilates, participate in a language course or just chat to your friends. It's simple to use, you just need a camera and microphone on your device, which you almost certainly have already. 

If you’ve been using Zoom and feel confident with it, would you like to go on a list of those happy to help other members set it up for themselves?  Online or on the phone, of course.  This would be an invaluable service to those not yet confident but who would find it very useful. 

You’d need to be familiar with the download and installing the software and with security tips. We will organise a Zoom meeting beforehand with these volunteers to go through it together.  It could be fun!  It’d certainly be useful.  Thanks for offering – please email
Let us know the device you’re using, so that we can team you up with someone using the same. 

And if you would like a copy of our Zoom instructions click here

Free Offerings
Some of Glyde-In's regular contributors have generously offered ideas and activities for our days at home:

From Linda Bettaney, author:  The libraries are closed, so if you would like something to read I will send you a free eBook copy of my book Wishes For Starlight, based on a true story in the Perth hills.  Email me at, and let me know the particular eReader you use (eg Kindle) and your name.   If you have read this and would like audio, eBook or paper copies of any of my three books: Secrets Mothers Keep, Wishes For Starlight or The Apple Core Wars please email me ($25 per book and or audio, $9.99 for Ebooks).  See info:
Professor Ken Nosaka, Director of Exercise and Sports Science at Edith Cowan University offers links to free sets of easy exercises we can do sitting down – what more could we want?  (You might remember Ken's several talks at Glyde-In on exercise - they booked out each time.)
Five simple exercises seniors can do at home -
Five simple exercises you can do at home -

Dorothy Blake last year ran a Glyde-In poppy-making session for Anzac Day.  Here she offers her pattern and suggests you might like to attach some to your letterbox for the morning of the 25th.

You’ll need four x 8cm circles of red felt or other fabric, one 4cm circle of red, one 3cm of black or very dark navy for the centre of your flower, and red and black sewing thread. Fold one 8cm circle into four and sew flat edges together to make a layered quadrant. Repeat with other three. Sew them together. 
Oversew the centre of 4cm circle to create a slight pleat. Sew to centre of the joined four circle quadrants.  With a running stitch, slightly pucker the rim of the black circle.  Then sew it to centre of poppy.   (With thanks to Albany stitchers.)
Our Garden
Gardening is something we can all still do in the current circumstances. And our gardeners have continued to be busy. They have created a beautiful new herb bed, which will produce tasty treats in no time.   If you're passing, you're welcome to snip some herb leaves - scissors and wrapping are there in the jar.

Meanwhile our  artistic volunteer head gardener Lynn Christison, has created these lovely garden posters with tips from Sabrina Hahn.




And our Gordon MacNish, sudoku whizz, offers this easy puzzle.

All the numbers from 1 to 9 must occur only once in each square (3x3), in each column and in each row.
Complete this Sudoku:  in 5 minutes > Excellent;  in 10 minutes > Good;  in 15 minutes > Can improve.
Can’t do it in 20 minutes? Call Gordon [0419 858 960] for some help
  4 5 1 3   2    
6 2 8     7 3 1  
1 3   2   8   5 9
2   1   5 3 4 6  
7     4 8 9     2
  8 3 6 1   9   5
8 6   9   1   4 3
  1 4 8   5 7 9 6
    9   6 4 8 2  
How will I know if I have got it right? You’ll know – If the same number appears twice or more in any square, any row or any column – it’s wrong. Best start again.
(If all else fails go to the end of this newsletter)
Still Connected
The Town of East Fremantle has a Neighbour to Neighbour programme so locals can stay connected.  Co-incidentally, Glyde-In members and other East Fremantle residents have independently risen to the challenge.
  • Oakover Street residents have set up a Facebook group and people have responded in remarkable ways, running errands, walking dogs, chatting, yoga classes, etc. Residents are having conversations with near neighbours they’ve never met.
  • Allen Street and King Street residents have set up WhatsApp groups and are staying connected that way.  King Street residents held an impromptu front-yard sculpture day, and then enjoyed evening promenades admiring their neighbours’ artwork (see photos).

This lady had only moved into the neighbourhood that day and created her sculpture from her packing materials!

This one was created by Lynn Christison  
Many Glyde-In members live outside East Fremantle and we’re delighted to have been able to facilitate a micro-support group in South Perth. Four Glyders there are providing invaluable support to one another. And active networks in Douro Road (South Fremantle) and Alison Road (Attadale) include some Glyde-In members.
 If you’re curious about setting up a neighbourhood or street group, let’s know and we’ll help where we can.  We’d also like to hear if you’ve got one. You can email us, or
 The notes below may be useful to drop in a letterbox:

Other Ways to Help

If you’re wondering how you can help in other ways:
CARAD:  Glyde-In has been a weekly collection point for food items for Amnesty International and CARAD, the Coalition for Asylum-Seekers, Refugees and Detainees.  Members have been wonderfully generous.  This, though, is no longer practical since we’ve closed for now.  But the need is still there.  The people that CARAD supports are not eligible for Centrelink or any assistance measures announced by the federal government.  If you want, you can donate to CARAD’s Emergency Appeal to help ensure these people have access to food, safe accommodation, and access to health care.  Click on the link to CARAD:
Donate Now
The Fremantle Street Doctor provides free medical care for disadvantaged people who can’t access mainstream help.  The Street Doctor does extraordinary work.  It relies solely on donations, and runs nine street clinics a week from its distinctive bus, staffed by GPs, nurses and social workers.  You can donate to them c/- NAB, BSB 086 492, Black Swan Health Ltd account 771215691.
St Pat’s Community Support Centre: Since 1972 St Pat’s Day Centre has provided crisis accommodation, meals and other services to people in need.  Right now they are providing take-away breakfasts and lunch and they expect demand to increase.  You can donate via the secure payment system Givenow, which charges no commission.  See  If you prefer to donate items, then men’s socks are badly needed now with winter coming on.  So are sleeping bags (Target, Big W perhaps).  You can drop them into St Pat’s any week-day morning.  (PS: Glyde-In had planned a visit to St Pats in our Term 2 programme, which of course we had to cancel.  Watch for it in a future programme.)  

Suduko Solution
9 4 5 1 3 6 2 8 7
6 2 8 5 9 7 3 1 4
1 3 7 2 4 8 6 5 9
2 9 1 7 5 3 4 6 8
7 5 6 4 8 9 1 3 2
4 8 3 6 1 2 9 7 5
8 6 2 9 7 1 5 4 3
3 1 4 8 2 5 7 9 6
5 7 9 3 6 4 8 2 1

In our last term, the animal rehab centre in Bibra Lake, Native Arc, gave a talk on their work and brought some reptiles in to meet us.

And our Ukelele group continues to make music.
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