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Dear Pastors, Partners, and Volunteers,
     We hope this email finds you taking time to enjoy the beauty of fall.  It’s always amazing to see the artistic beauty of our Awesome Creator on display this time of year.
     In August we put on our annual Fall Giveaway in time for back-to-school shopping.  In four hours we served 266 men, women and children, and we so appreciate our great team of volunteers.  This year we had some extra fun with a drawing for three tablets and a smart phone that had been donated.  We prayed about who would win, and we believe God answered by choosing a teenager who needed one for school, a man who had never had an electronic device, a disabled gal that needed a phone, and a man who really wanted the red tablet.  One of our clients asked to help with the Fall Giveaway.  During snack time, she shared in tears how much love she received from this ministry and how it had helped her.
     Fall brings a need for wood.  We had three wood cutting days to fill our shed on Hawkins ranch.  Two of those days, men from Bethesda House of Freedom House Ministries were the majority of the workers. Someone who’s initials are JP forgot to take pictures of the Bethesda men, but it’s a good example of how ministries work together in this community.  We so appreciate ALL who helped!  Tom and Brenda McMillan, who do an awesome job with this ministry, have already made two deliveries.
     We are sad to see one of our board members, Koby Padilla, go.  He has a heavy schedule and conflicts with our meeting dates.  We thank you, Koby, for your service this past seven months.  We are thrilled to announce that Barry Johnson, former pastor of New Song Bible Church, has agreed to join our board.  We look forward to the added input Barry will provide.
     We always rejoice how God provides in this ministry.  Early in September, a client called needing a dryer.  We don’t often get washers and dryers, nor do we often get requests for them. But a few days later, Cathy was visiting with some friends who had a spare dryer and washer as well to donate.  Then the next day, we got a request for a washer.  Boom, boom! God had provided!  Then a few days later, we got another request for a dryer.  Cathy told the client one just went out and that we don’t often get them.  Oh, she of little faith.  Guess what?  A few days later, we got another dry donated! Triple boom!  Again, God had provided.  But that’s not the end.  Again a few days later someone asked if we had a table that seated six.  Of course, no we didn’t, but you guessed it; we got a call of someone donating a table that seated six.  Quadruple boom! Cathy has developed a new word of praise – Yayleluia!!
     We have a couple success stories to share. The first is a client couple.  Throughout September, Pastor Jon and Cathy had been counseling with this client couple about their marriage.  It didn’t look good, but we believe prayer brought about a turn around.  We are very thankful to report that a divorce has been avoided, and the couple is continuing to work on their marriage.
     The second story involves one of our clients, Shannon Arthur, who became a great volunteer, and was a great help with data entry.  She is also an example of joint effort of ministries.  Cathy worked to get Shannon into Sweet Magnolia Freedom House where she grew in the Lord and stayed clean for two years.  She obtained consistent employment and completed probation which cleared her Bonner County charges.  Her last challenge was to clear her WA charges, so this month she went there and turned herself in.  She is re-establishing residency in her hometown while awaiting two court dates.  She has applied for work and begun volunteering at PowerHouse Ministry Center.  What an amazing journey of transformation this woman has taken over the last three years with help from God and loving ministries and services in the Sandpoint community!
     As members of the Idahope Families board, Pastor Jon and Cathy are taking a class “Redemptive Compassion” led by Linnis Jellinik, Vice President of Idahope Families as well as Executive Director of Sandpoint Community Resource Center.  We thank Linnis for her leadership in this, and we hope to learn better ways to give a hand-up in conjunction with a hand-out.  Our financial help is not repetitive, but crisis help. Also, we try to fulfill the hand up - the Healing Hearts part - by presenting the Gospel when needed, walking clients through Proverbs 3:5-6, praying with clients, offering classes in resume writing, budgeting, and spiritual growth, providing job resources, recommending churches, Life Choices Pregnancy Center Mourning Hope Class, and Priest River Ministries.  However, we are not seeing as much follow-through and transformation as we would like.  So, it is our prayer that this class will give us the tools needed to move more in that direction.
     Moving homeless individuals and families to self-sufficiency is the goal of our Good Samaritan Inn dream.  We are still stuck at square one – land.  We have struck out on three possibilities, but we are not out of the game.  We are moving on to the next possibility.  We are looking for two acres of land, preferably in Ponderay near the bus route.  We cannot get an estimate of this project without knowing the location, and without a cost estimate, we cannot apply for grants.  If you have any ideas of land, please let us know.  We will search out every option.
     As always, we are so thankful for all of you – our wonderful partners in the Kingdom work in this community! We consider it a great privilege to be united with you in sharing the love of Jesus to those in need.  Thank you, and God bless you richly!

Pastor Jon and Cathy Pomeroy
Co-Directors Helping Hands Healing Hearts
221 S Division Ave, Sandpoint, ID 83864
phone: 208-263-6378   text only: 833-907-2187   fax: 206-350-2499
email:     website:
hours: T 1:30 - 6:00;  W & TH 1:30 - 4:30 pm

Please take a few moments to look at our third quarter 2020 stats below.
New Clients 27; Return Visits 148; Total Visits 175
Total people served 247 = 19 couples, 35 families, 58 singles, 101 dependents
Days Open 33; 18 Volunteer Served 448 Hours
Resources Provided
Clothes 111; Food 64; Furniture 11; Kitchen/Housewares 60; Linens 50; Personal Care Toiletries 45; Shoes 42; Wood 2
Financial Help Provided
Gas 8; Lodging 2; Phone Card 5; Utility Bill 2; Rent 7; Other 6
Spiritual Help Provided
Gospel Presented 3; Gospel Reaffirmed Faith 2; Gospel Track 9; Spiritual Conversations 1; Guide (Prov 3:5-6) Presented 14; Pastoral Counseling in Center 1; Mentoring Classes 1; Bibles Given 4; Church List Given 11; Our Daily Bread Given 59; Specific Church Recommended 6;
Referrals Provided
Bonner Partners in Care Clinic 8; Community Meals 14; Community Resources 11; GED 3; Housing 4; IP/DOL Jobs 3; Counseling 2
Homeless Clients
23 = 3 couples, 2 families that includes 2 children, and 13 singles

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