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TONIGHT IN NYC: SOLIDARITY WITH THE POLISH ABORTION STRIKE! Join us at the Polish Consulate at 233 Madison Avenue at 6 pm. 

by @ajgiel via Instagram. “Get the fuck out.” Women and queers across Poland are revolting against the near-total ban of abortion that the Polish far-right government passed on October 22. They tried this back in 2016 and the Women’s Strike stopped them. Now they’re trying it again under the cover of covid. But “of course we will protest, look how many actions there are across Poland! We will not give birth against our will!” 
Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed to the Supreme Court on Monday, October 26, and the next day NPR ran a story on Morning Edition titled A World Without Legal Abortion: How Activists Envision A 'Post-Roe' Nation. It’s not totally a surprise, but still shocking, to find that every activist they spoke to for the story was anti-abortion.

So this is where we are: the morning after a self-described handmaid gains power for life over our lives, NPR dispassionately quotes a woman who thinks we should get the death penalty for having abortions. They didn't even spare a sentence for the Planned Parenthood comms director or whoever. 

They also quote this woman, the head of an anti-abortion adoption agency in the Deep South, who is concerned, reports NPR, that her side isn’t prepared to deal with all of the babies that they’re going to force us to have against our wills: “We as a pro-life community have got to get ready and get our ducks in a row," she says. "Because [the end of Roe] could likely be happening, and I don't think we're ready."

It’s so funny (“funny”) she says that, because their side really has been getting their ducks in a row for many years, and it hasn't looked like a diverse group of nice women working hard to make sure that we never have to make such a self-evidently terrible choice, as NPR would have it. It’s looked like domestic terrorism, of course, and women of color being jailed for miscarrying, and the collapse of the social safety net for working people, many of whom might actually want to have a child or a second child but can’t afford to (because all of the money is being hoarded by the police, the military, and the billionaires).

We are not fooled! The right has been co-opting the left’s social justice language and direct action tactics to claim the moral high ground for decades and it’s paying off with ghouls like Amy Coney Barrett and trash like this NPR article, and we can expect a lot more where that came from in the months ahead.

So what are we going to do?

Lots of people are urging each other to stock up on Plan B, get an IUD, donate to abortion funds. Yes, get your birth control in order, and definitely give money to abortion funds, but there is no way out of here that doesn’t look like this:
"Thousands of people have blocked roads across Poland on the fifth consecutive day of protests against a court's near-total ban on abortion."
"There are demos and blockades of streets in all major Polish cities.... Dozens of thousands-strong marches are happening everywhere. There are spontaneous anti-Catholic church demos happening next to major churches, interrupting Sunday masses all over the country."
"Women take part in a women's strike to demand the legalization of abortion, gender equality and the end of violence against women, in front of the Congress in Buenos Aires, on March 9, 2020."
Following the example of our comrades in Poland, Argentina, and beyond is going to take organizations and networks that don’t exist yet. Now is the time to start building them.

Start with where you are: Who is in the streets for Black Lives Matter? Who is doing mutual aid? Who is fighting the right? Who is organizing eviction defenses? Who gives a damn about the antis attacking our clinics? Who cares about people power above politicians and courts?
It’s Roe-is-almost-over pm. It’s abortion-is-already-de-facto-illegal-in-much-of-America pm. Do you know where your local pro-abortion activist groups are? IF YOU DON'T GOT EM, START EM.
TONIGHT IN NYC: SOLIDARITY WITH THE POLISH ABORTION STRIKE. Join us at the Polish Consulate at 233 Madison Avenue at 6 pm. 
NYC for Abortion Rights is a group of socialist feminists who believe that we need an unapologetic grassroots movement for free abortion on demand, no economic, racial, or gendered barriers to access, no apologies, & the right and resources to raise children in a healthy environment.

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