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NEWSLETTER  |  July 20, 2018 

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The Department of Homeland Security has been quietly detaining and abusing pregnant people for months now. Reports of abuse include: shackling pregnant people around their stomachs during transport, denying them medical care during miscarriages, refusing to give them enough sanitary pads when they bleed heavily after miscarrying, refusing to give them clothes that fit their pregnant bodies, not taking them to the ER after accidents that put their pregnancies at risk. Hello: we live in a black site where the state is crushing the bodies of brown women and brown families with impunity and calling it justice. These are just glimpses. What is happening outside of our line of sight? What is happening that we will never know about? Not everything that is hidden will be uncovered. We’re responsible for all of it.

Last Wednesday, we hosted a conversation at Verso Books with Laurie Bertram, co-founder and executive director of the Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund. She was brilliant—literally, a light shining in the dark—and razor-sharp, gifting us with wide-ranging insight about the present and future of reproductive healthcare in Mississippi. Medicaid in Mississippi is so cruel, she said, that there’s a cap on the number of doctor’s appointments you can have per year: 12. The maximum number of prescriptions that Medicaid will pay for at a time? 5. It falls to reproductive justice organizations like the Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund to fill in the gaps: “If you can think of something that someone would call social services for, they call us for that. Social services are failing people.” And where is the white church? Where are the pro-lifers? Laurie told us that she hears from black pastors who say that they are approached by white pastors every few years, asking them to get involved in the pro-life movement. One black pastor said to her, “I ask them the same question every time: When are you going to start caring about live black babies?” Crickets.

If there’s a person alive who still thinks that the term “pro-life” is anything but a bludgeon for enforcing limits on which lives have value…………….

P.S.: Give your money to the Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund, every day they are providing abortions funds and also Plan B, diapers, condoms, car rides to the clinic, ETCETERA.

P.P.S: Roe vs. Wade is vulnerable. There’s virtually no place in the country where people can access abortion without harassment. The courts won’t save us. The Right is emboldened. But so are we!! Join us in the streets to counter the antis and tell them what we want: free abortion on demand, no apologies. August 4, 7:45 am,  Basilica of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral. The Facebook event isn’t public because we’re trying to keep it sneaky, but message us here and we’ll connect you.


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A delightful round-up of “pro-life” men who have asked their mistresses to have abortions. | The future of abortion might be mail-order. | Black women’s abortions are not “black-on-black crime,” JFC. | Planned Parenthood is suing the state of Idaho over their draconian, anti-science abortion reporting law. | Operation Save America is targeting doctors who perform abortions in Indianapolis. | The New York Times reports that women are having fewer children because this country has priced them out of healthcare, privatized child care, and leisure time (and hey also because women have more choices now? Even though they can’t afford to choose the range of choices they have?? whoops) | Is there a more clear distillation of patriarchy than the Ohio law that prohibits patrons from touching strippers and then punishes the stripper when a man touches her? Oh and this law is being deployed against Stormy Daniels in a way that seems transparently politically motivated! | “No, Susan [Collins]. Democrats haven’t ‘switched’ from talking about Roe to talking about health care because—and I’m going to type this loudly—ABORTION IS HEALTH CARE.” | When you read Audre Lorde quotes about self-care, remember that she is part of “a generation of black lesbian, bisexual, queer women theorists who died due to chronic conditions and discussed how material conditions affected their health using socialist (and occasionally communist) language and frameworks.” | Obstetric violence—medical violence against pregnant people, including forced C-sections, non-consensual episiotomies, and sexual assault—is an epidemic. | Workers at the National Abortion Federation are poorly paid and trying to unionize and NAF leadership is fighting them tooth and nail.


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solidarity with the campaigners working to legalize abortion in Argentina: “National Campaign for the Right to Legal, Safe and Free Abortion. Sex ed to decide, contraceptives to not abort, abortion to not die"
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