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NEWSLETTER  |  May 25, 2018  |  Vol. 1, Issue 10

We watch the returns

Ireland votes TODAY on whether to repeal the amendment of their constitution that effectively bans abortion.

Blessings to the people voting yes, who have traveled from far away to do so, and who have shared terribly painful personal stories in order to convince others that their humanity deserves more regard than a fetus’s (!!!). Polls close at 10pm in Ireland tonight (that’s 9 hours from now if our math checks out, we’re not sure haha).

Meanwhile, whatever the outcome, we’re planning a panel with #repealthe8th activists—join us at Verso at 7pm on June 11 for a talk about what they’ve learned and what we can learn from them.

We read

The administration that we are living under has announced that they will do a thing which many news outlets will foolishly call “defund Planned Parenthood” (a rallying cry of the right), but don’t be fooled, the federal government already doesn’t fund abortions at Planned Parenthood or anywhere else—this will really just cut off reproductive healthcare from nearly 4 million poor people. The gag rule will strip funding from any reproductive healthcare organization that provides abortion care (no matter how many other services they provide, no matter that those abortions were never funded by federal money to begin with!), or that even refers patients to other providers for abortion care. tl;dr: poor people will suffer most.

As clinics close and people turn to the Internet for the abortion pill, the fight for abortion access is becoming a fight over health information.

“Consent, in the form of a donor card, is required even to remove organs from a dead body. If the foetus is a person, it is a person with a vastly expanded set of legal rights, rights available to no other class of citizen: the foetus may make free, non-consensual use of another living person’s uterus and blood supply, and cause permanent, unwanted changes to another person’s body. In the relationship between foetus and woman, the woman is granted fewer rights than a corpse.”

A Virginia woman gets a jail sentence for “concealing a dead body” after she miscarried.

We stay busy keeping track of the states that are down to one clinic left (6, as of today!), but actually, let’s talk about abortion access in relation to cities: this new study finds that there are 27 cities where people have to travel over 100 miles to find abortion care; 10 of these cities are in Texas alone. The study called these cities abortion deserts, which is an immensely vivid, useful way of conceptualizing the reality of access (or lack of it) in this country. How much does it cost to travel 100 miles when you don’t have a car, or paid time off, or when you have to go twice (first for the mandatory ultrasound and again for the actual appointment), or when you have to pay for childcare while you’re gone?

Does ICE deny proper healthcare to pregnant people in detention? Well yes, they 100% do: Where my sister was detained, a provider only came to the facility once a month. When she said she needed more medical care, she was told to return to her cell, drink water, and take some Tylenol. They told her the same thing when she fainted in the facility.

A voice of truth rings out from [checks notes] Australia. In a court battle over abortion clinic buffer zones, the Victorian government has come out swinging in their defense. A choice quote: “The implied freedom [of political communication] does not guarantee a right to a captive audience.” Australia, hi!! We. Feel. That.

We love

pro-abortion Irish Twitter. Ten seconds of scrolling through #TogetherforYes and #repealthe8th will give you a good night’s sleep and add years to your life, we swear to God.

It’s just miles of Irish people dunking on non-Irish speakers 

images of incredible direct actions to cover up graphic imagery from antis

and a hashtag called #farmersforyes??

We don’t like lying gombeens and crawthumpers either! For some reason there are tears streaming down our faces! We say YES to #farmersforyes! 

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