IndiePhotobooks Newsletter Nº04
Oct 11 - Oct 17 2017

1. Schema – Alexander Gronsky / Ksenia Babushkina
2. Rivers of Power – Alejandro Cartagena
3. Allanngorpoq – Sebastien Tixier
4. FACK – Rainer Sioda
5. Impromptus – Geraldine Lay

Wellard – Tim Palman

Detroit Art Book Fair


Alexander Gronsky & Ksenia Babushkina

Alexander Gronsky and Ksenia Babushkina present their book as an exciting play on the perception of space and time. Its nature is exceptionally photographic and feeds on the history of photography and peculiarities of contemporary digital picture-taking. The book consists of diptychs and triptychs shot between 2005 and 2015 in different countries across the world, including Russia, Japan and Azerbaijan.

Publisher: TALKA
Size: 15.4 x 22 cm, Pages: 144
ISBN: 978–9-934847-63-9
Edition of: 700

€ 45

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Rivers of Power

Alejandro Cartagena

This is the story of the tragic relationship between two bodies: a critical narration of the long and failed relationship between a society and a river. Although today it is a long and winding sarcophagus, in the past the city depended on the abundance of its stream. Centuries later, with Monterrey transformed into a regional industrial enclave, the Santa Catarina River served as border between social classes: the employers on the north side, the labourers on the south. 

Co Published by NEWWER and Alejandro Cartagena
Size: 23 x 30 cm, Pages: 144
ISBN: 978-0-996669-71-9
Edition of: 490

$ 50

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Sebastien Tixier

Greenland is suffering the effects of climate change and over the last few decades, its society has undergone a profound transformation. Thus, as the environment shifts, its people begin to embrace Western lifestyles and modes of consumption in parallel.

From the 67th to the 77th parallel north, from the modern towns until the nights in tent on the seaice hunting seals, the photographs of this book provide an artist's look on these contrasts over the country. The book is prefaced by Stéphane Victor.

Size: 23 x 28.5 cm, Pages: 132
Hardcover, 60 Photos
ISBN: 978-2-955017-80-7

€ 35

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Rainer Soda

Pictures of landscapes, I find them calming. When it comes to the pictures in Rainer Sioda's FACK series, however, that feeling refuses to materialise. This is not the best thing to do in Berlin. What are these strange remnants? Colored slurry left by a paintball combatants in a pine forest, cars that look like armored personnel carriers, and graffiti which, in its open, brutal expression, lacks any trace of street-art wit.

Publisher: Pogo Books
Size: 21 x 25 cm, Pages: 120
ISBN: 978-3-942547-57-4 
Edition: 500

€ 28

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Géraldine Lay

Impromptus is a poetic wandering, a hieratic journey through various French cities over recent years, prompted by several artist residencies. Intimate images, street scenes, colourful impressions, both bittersweet and atemporal. This series by Géraldine Lay unfurls a very distinct universe and endeavours to recount scenes witnessed, siderations facing reality… images like so many notes of light music, with slightly dissonant harmonies.

Publisher: Poursuite Editions
Size: 16.5 x 23.5 cm, Pages: 56
ISBN: 978-2-918960-97-3

$ 20

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Tim Palman

Wellard is a photographic document that investigates the nature of the Domestic Dream in 2017. 

Perth is the most isolated city in the world, and also one of the most sparse, as a result of poor housing affordability. Young families looking to own a home and a patch of grass large enough to play backyard cricket on have been forced outward, either north or south into the satellite estates which seemingly erupt out of nowhere.

Photographed from 2016-2017 these images reflect on the concept of the Private Estate, identifying a culturally rooted desire for security and exclusivity which inevitably leads to separation and isolation. An autobiographical body of work, Wellard expresses my own struggle between a desire for both security and freedom.

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Detroit Art Book Fair

Detroit, Michigan
October 14 & 15 at Trinosophes in Eastern Market

1464 Gratiot Ave,
MI 48207,

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