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Week 7 , 15th March
Upcoming Dates
Monday 18th - School photos
Tuesday 19th - Rainbow Lapathon
Thursday 21st - Harmony day
Friday 22nd - 5/6 Gala sports day

Friday 5th - Last day of term
Tuesday 23rd - Term 2 commences
Wednesday 24th - Anzac Day public Holiday

Thursday 2nd - Yarra Primary open morning for prospective families
Further Ahead
January 30th - April 5th
April 23rd to 28th June
July 15th to 20th September
October 7th to December 20th

Student free days 2019
Friday 7th June
Monday 4th November
Thursday 19th December
Friday 20th December

Term 2  - Yarra Primary Trivia Night - date to be confirmed
Student Futures Workshop
On Friday 8 March we held a student futures workshop to follow the parent session that ran in November last year. Once again, Meredith Bowden and Dave Godden expertly harnessed the energy and diverse opinions of the participants (over 40 student leaders from Prep to Year 6). Jessamy also graphically recorded the responses from the sessions and once the electronic copies are completed I will share these with the students as well as publish on the website. Next steps will involve different groups of students, parents and staff coding the ‘stories of the past, present and future’ to find the common themes across both forums. These themes will then be explored for further detail to strengthen a whole school community approach to vision and planning for Yarra Primary School in 2019 and beyond. Thank you to Ross, Peter and Pippi for donating their time to support the process. Isabella B. and Kiara are producing a video of the event and we look forward to sharing this with you so you have a stronger sense of the workshop.
Upgrades to Buildings and Grounds
We have had courtyard repaved outside the art room. It looks fabulous. From Monday morning 18 March this will be the only entrance and exit for YOSH. The breezeway gates from the yard will now be locked providing more (secure space) for YOSH children. 
The kitchen garden shed is now also under construction. This will provide more convenient storage for kitchen garden as well as clear space for a much needed tidy in the area surrounding the multi-purpose room.
Junior School Sleepover
Thursday 14 March was Year 1 and 2 sleepover. The children arrived at 6pm and promptly set up their sleeping bags in the multipurpose room. Pizza dinner and activities followed. Children slept well after the movie and woke (not too early) for breakfast and a day of fun and games! Thank you so much to the teachers, Laura, Josiah, Emily and Skylah for sacrificing their own creature comforts and making this such a magical experience for the children!
Rainbow Lap-a-thon

On March 19 we are holding a lap a thon for the kitchen garden upgrades. Your contributions to a number of fundraising activities across the year help the school to resource important areas where there are budget shortfalls.  However, fundraising provides us with much more than ‘dollars and cents’. Students gain leadership skills as they think through the finance figures and plan to reach goals. Teamwork is also a valuable element of fundraisers as parents, students and staff work together for the good of the whole school. Volunteering your time is also incredibly helpful as we all benefit from the skills and expertise of the whole school community. Remember, ‘It Takes A Village…
Open Morning for Prospective New Families
On Thursday May 2 we are hosting an Open Morning for prospective Prep families from 9.30 to 11am. During this morning families will have the opportunity to meet the Principals, teachers and student leaders and hear more about the school with a focus on our early years learning program. I encourage you to share this with your local community and make a booking with Leanne on 9428 3286 or email
Road Safety

Yarra parent Aimee Esselmont last week informed me of a near miss she experienced while riding to work. Since Aimee has shared this awful experience with me I have found I am more mindful when walking, riding and driving the streets of our neighbourhood. Please read her story below and share with your families the importance of road safety and awareness:
While cycling in to work on the morning of Tuesday 5th March, I was hit by a car and knocked off my bike at the roundabout at the intersection of Buckingham and Gardner Streets. Fortunately I walked away without serious injury, although I was quite stiff and sore and covered in bruises for the next week.
Wearing a bright top and with flashing lights on my bike, I thought I was visible on the roads, however the driver that struck me stated that she did not see me on the road - sometimes drivers are looking for cars and do not see other road users.
This is a timely reminder that everyone needs to be aware of vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians when on the roads. With our little school getting bigger and the streets in Richmond getting busier, please take care on the roads. Many thanks to all those people that stopped to help me at the time.
Assembly roster
Kitchen Garden Roster
Hi everyone,
The 13 students who swam at last week's Division Swimming competition had an awesome experience and forged some strong friendships that may have been there before getting on the bus but have definitely been made stronger! Yarra Primary school did really well in their events but came third in the Boys Open Medley event and fourth in the Girls Open Medley. We also came third in both Girls and Boys Freestyle Relays. Ashby Seabrook came first in the Boys Butterfly race and will be attending the Region Swimming competition on Tuesday 19th March. Congratulations everyone and Well done and Good luck to Ashby.
Thank you to all the parents who attended to cheer on our students! And a huge thank you to Kieran O'Mullane who drove the bus for us and listened to our singing!
I would also like to thank the school community for their purchases at Rebel Sport and donating 5% to the schools Community fund. Yarra PS have a healthy amount to spend and we have purchased new ball pumps, hockey sticks, soccer balls, tennis balls and Tee-ball equipment. Just a reminder that if you do make any purchases at Rebel Sport in Richmond (Victoria Gardens) be sure to ask the staff to allocate 5% to Yarra Primary School. Thank you!
Kind regards,
Hang Tran
PE Teacher
Sports Coordinator
From the School Captains
On Wednesday 13th of March, the school captains went on a tram to Melbourne Exhibition Centre to go to a leadership conference. There were many other schools from around Melbourne. There were lots of students from other schools, 2,500 in total. We were a very small group compared to the other schools.  
We had loads of fun hopping on the tram and talking about how excited and nervous we were. As we got closer we started to see other schools walking there, so we were happy that we were able to take the tram. Once we got out we took some photos and we were on our way inside. Once we got inside and into our seats we were amazed at how many other schools were there.
“Welcome, welcome everybody,” greeted the host, Ronan. He asked us to join him in a game of Simon Says. Once we had finished he told us to sit down and then explained that Simon must’ve been one of our friends because of our young ages. We technically used to always play with him though other people's bodies. It's like we trusted Simon because he was a so called childhood friend.
After that amazing realization, he talked about the 4 main character strengths all leaders need, such as: Others' focused, Reliability, Confidence with Humility and Empathy. He asked one representative from each school to come up to have a game of limbo. We nominated Daisy to go up. Daisy was very embarrassed, but then she realized why he had asked her, because we were showing confidence with humility. So Daisy did it successfully.
We were given a booklet, and in that booklet there was a page of famous people who did impressive and odd things. Our activity was to go around to other schools and ask if they could do some of the things  that the people who were mentioned in the booklet could do. An example is Walt Disney could do many Disney impressions and Daisy stumbled across a boy who could do a Stitch impression. It was a very fun.
After that we had our recess outside and talked about what Ronan had said. Then we did many more fun activities. After that, the day was done and we had made many friends. We headed back and were thankful that we had the chance to go to the conference.
By Daisy, Remy and Jono
Last night our Grade 1/2’s had a sleepover at school. We had over 60 students (yes that many) staying for a night full of fun. Pizza for dinner and a scavenger hunt followed by a movie are just some of the fun things we did. All students slept (more or less) well and we had breakfast the following morning. Today we had a whole day of activities centered on our Integrated Studies topic about ‘Thrive or Survive’ where we talk about what makes us the best version of ourselves. The students and teachers all had a wonderful time (and are definitely ready for the weekend).

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The Winter Season starts in Term 2.
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The Winter Season starts in Term 2.
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