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A Message From Shawn 


It’s fairly typical to assume that it requires “big things” to influence a meaningful difference in any successful venture particularly in our attempt to help others. In a culture that seems to say “bigger is better,” we tend to focus on numbers and metrics to measure impact. However, there’s another perspective, a subtler approach, that we would do well to consider in our efforts to bless others.  
A real-life anecdote might best illustrate this. A few years ago, our charitable organization, Good in the ‘Hood, was hosting a community cookout with a local church group that was spending the day with us as part of their ministry outreach.  We had several church volunteers cooking, serving food, greeting customers, holding up “Free Lunch” signs, and doing kids activities and face painting. We also offered a prayer station and, as the pastor, my role was to be available for anyone who might have a need for a word of encouragement or for prayer. 
As I was mingling with our guests and with the members of our team, an elderly man approached me.  He was unkempt with a five o’clock shadow and disheveled hair.  He nudged into my personal space and bellowed, “Are you the one runnin’ this barbeque”? I was slightly taken aback and even tempted to point to one of our other team members and proclaim them as the leader. Despite this awkwardness, I quickly collected myself and replied, “Yes, I’m part of the team helping to put this event together.  What can I do for you”?
What he shared completely blew me away.  He leaned in a bit further and shared, “I’ve had a difficult life.  My week, actually this entire month has been a complete disaster.   When I woke up today I was feeling really down.  I was walking by and noticed the signs announcing a ‘Free Lunch’.  I thought to myself, I’m going to enjoy my final meal and then I’m going to end it all.  When I approached the food line I was met by that guy over there”. 
He then pointed at one of our church volunteers who had taken it upon himself to be an event greeter.  The elderly man continued, “He’s a REALLY NICE guy, that man is.  He smiled at me, warmly greeted me, shook my hand and even asked for my name.  Made me feel as if I really mattered.  Like I’m a someone rather than a nobody.   He invited me to have a free meal and said that you would offer a prayer for me.  Well, I don’t need your prayer anymore ‘cause I’m much better now.  When he shook my hand something inside my head said that I don’t need to end my life after all.  I guess I still have a reason to live.  Anyway, I just want to say, ‘Thanks’ for everything”.   Speechless, I watched as he turned around and headed off on his way.  It seemed as if he even had a light bounce in his step to accompany his new lease on life.  I found myself contemplating how a simple greeting, something so seemingly insignificant, could make such a life-changing impact.  
Making a difference does not always take an overt act of heroism. Rather, it may only require that we challenge ourselves to be emotionally present in the moment and to extend ourselves in a generous and other-centered manner.  

It’s true, SMALL THINGS REALLY DO MATTER.  I invite you to join us in our efforts to inspire intentional kindness and to be the GOOD in your ‘HOOD. 

Rev. Shawn Morrison, Founder, and Executive Director 

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At Good in the ‘Hood, we believe in doing with people rather than merely for them. Our programs are intended to engage people in relationships that build trust and healthy community for both our guests and our volunteers.
Volunteer in one of our many programs and services (Flash, Regular and/or Organizational Development)
Adopt a family during the holidays.   
Host a shoe drive for our Shoe Away Hunger program and/or sponsor the cost of a shoe bus event for only $250
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Sponsor a family in our 10-4-1 giving campaign. $10 will pay for the cost of groceries for 4 people for 1 week.  We need at least 1000, regular $10 per month supporters to reach our food programming goals.

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