WEDNESDAY - 09/09/20
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COVID-19 💉

AstraZeneca vaccine study put on hold

  • A mysterious side effect of the vaccine produced by researchers at Oxford University has halted the testing and development at AstraZeneca, because the side effect is not clearly benign or an actual case of the virus which it aims to protect against
  • To quell the potentially alarming news, a spokesperson declared this type of pause in a study “a routine action which has to happen whenever there is a potentially unexplained illness in one of the trials, while it is investigated, ensuring we maintain the integrity of the trials”


British-Iranian spying case escalates

  • Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, the British-Iranian journalist who was detained in Iran in 2016 after allegedly “plotting to topple the Iranian government” is approaching the end of her Iranian imprisonment. However, Iranian media holds that she will soon be facing news charges which the British Foreign Office are calling “indefensible and unacceptable”
  • Zaghari-Ratcliffe is currently out of prison, but has been barred from leaving Iran and her status is currently held in the balance by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s diplomatic appeals with Iran over the charges


Tesla fails to make S&P 500

  • The car manufacturer who recently went through a historic 5-1 split to encourage more buyers to invest in the company took a hit after three consecutive sessions saw losses which ultimately excluded the company from being indexed in the third quarter
  • Despite incremental losses in recent sessions, technology remains the best performer on the trade floor for the fiscal year


Apple seeks action against Epic Games’ breach of contract

  • Epic Games’ departure from the App Store remains in legal limbo after Apple fired back at the Fortnite owners who reportedly violated the App Store’s developer guidelines in a prepared attempt to financially exploit Apple
  • In addition to demands for Epic Games to pay damages, Apple has moved for a permanent injunction against Epic Games’ payment system on all of their apps in the App Store

US 🦅

Fires rage across the American West 

  • While over 2 million acres of California have burned this year, the extreme weather fires have spread beyond the state, overtaking their northern neighbors Oregon and Washington. Windy conditions led to the spread of fires throughout the West, with the small town of Malden, WA left in near total destruction
  • PG&E shut off power to 22 counties across Northern California in hopes of preventing further fire spread, and nearly 100,000 Washington state residents were without power on Tuesday


Mail-in voting and what it represents for November’s election

  • Roughly half of Democrats plan to vote by mail in the upcoming election, which looks to nearly double the amount of Republican voters in the presidential elections 
  • This statistic has raised many eyebrows in Congress, where Republican and Democratic representatives worry about the added effort of counting mail-in ballots as a factor in the results of the election
  • States leaning right show a more trusting relationship with the mail-in ballot system, such as in Florida where Trump personally endorsed the state’s integrity


  • Interesting🔎. Gender reveals may have gotten out of hand, says California fire department 
  • Funny😂. Georgia goat takes one for the team
  • Sports🏈. Tom Brady’s transfer to the Buccaneers has increased the Bucc’s bets by 22% 
  • Entertainment🎞. A one-night performance of Golden Girls will feature an all Black cast for a charitable event
  • Travel✈️. Starting September 15, the Dominican Republic will place tourists in government sanctioned hotels with health insurance

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