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A Facebook event called “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us” has gained national coverage. The 1.4 million attendees who marked going to the event are to “Naruto run” their way into the secretive military site Area 51, which has been long speculated by alien enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists to be the site of extraterrestrial study. While the event was created as a joke, the Air Force doesn't seem to find it too funny, as they've issued a statement discouraging any attempt to storm the site.

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Crackdown on Asylum Seekers Continues ❌


Right to asylum revoked

On Monday, the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security announced a motion to withhold opportunity for asylum from any migrant who passes through another country before reaching the American border. 

What it says

The proposed legislation specifies that migrants must attempt to seek asylum in the first safe country they cross in order to be eligible to apply for protection in the US. Ultimately, it targets asylum seekers who pass through Mexico while fleeing violence in their countries of origin, effectively relegating potential incomers from the US to Mexico. 


The left points out the absurdity of the demand that migrants must seek asylum in Mexico than the US, as the former is a much smaller nation that doesn't have the resources to withstand such an influx of people. Articles also relate the administration's perceived attack on immigration to Pres. Trump’s recent Twitter attack on four congresswomen.


The right often highlights the ways in which migrants have “abused” the US asylum policy in the past as reason for this recent crackdown. They also emphasize that the new legislation is a response to the state of emergency at the border.


Where’s the common ground?

Though the right supports the passing of Pres. Trump’s asylum legislation, both sides agree that this crackdown is not a permanent or ideal solution.

Both sides @ the administration

AG Barr Revisits Eric Garner's Death ⚖️

Recapping the 2014 events

In 2014, Daniel Pantaleo, a Staten Island police officer, attempted to arrest an unarmed black man, Eric Garner, for illegally selling cigarettes. The confrontation, caught on camera, resulted in Pantaleo placing Garner in what appeared to be a chokehold, and Garner can be heard repeating “I can’t breathe” before dying. A grand jury later declined to indict Pantaleo

Five years later

Following this decision, the DOJ launched a probe into Pantaleo, and the city reached a $5.9 million settlement with the Garner family. The day before the fifth anniversary of Garner’s death, Attorney General William Barr made the decision to not bring any federal charges against Pantaleo and other officers involved in Garner’s death. 


The left reports on the case as an example of police brutality, using terms that are more specific to the circumstances of Garner’s death. Further, left-leaning outlets emphasize AG Barr’s role in determining the outcome of the case, and they criticize the timing of the announcement as a “major miscarriage of justice.”  


The right describes the case without much editorializing, instead working to remove the blame often placed on Pantaleo. By employing rhetoric that minimizes the officer’s involvement, conservative outlets report on the case without significant mention of the opposition to the decision vocalized across New York. 

Where's the common ground?

The case has been contentious both inside and outside of the DOJ. As the dispute between prosecutors—regarding whether or not Pantaleo acted willfully—resulted in AG Barr making the final decision, further division in the matter was created between the two sides.

In summary:
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Take my money. Amazon will give shoppers $10 for access to their web history on Prime Day. (Reuters)
(HB)O damn. HBO took the title as the most nominated network, with 137 Emmy nominations for 2019. (Yahoo)
History is made. Germany’s defense minister, Ursula von der Leyen, became the first woman elected to lead the EU Commission. (BBC)
We're lovin' it. McDonald's announced a partnership with DoorDash to expand coverage of its McDelivery service and reach 80% of the US. (FoxBusiness)
A memorable result. A new study finds that having a job may protect women from faster rate of memory decline. (CNN)
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