Friday - 09/04/20
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Biden visits Kenosha, meets Jacob Blake’s family

  • Joe Biden visited the protest-racked city of Kenosha, Wisconsin on Thursday, where he met with community groups, discussed the difficulty of education and poverty during the pandemic, and stressed the legacy of systemic racism
  • He spoke with Jacob Blake on the phone and met with his family in person
  • Biden’s trip contrasted with that of Trump, who did not wear a mask, did not meet with Blake or his family, and focused exclusively on the role of “domestic terrorists” in causing chaos in Kenosha


United States begins withdrawal from WHO

  • The U.S. began withdrawing officials from World Health Organization offices Thursday, with plans to redirect tens of millions of dollars in funding to the UN, accusing the WHO of being influenced by China
  • The U.S. will participate in WHO efforts on a case-by-case basis and will continue to contribute to specific programs such as polio eradication and influenza immunization
  • Along with China, the U.S. will sit out a WHO-led plan comprising over 170 countries to guarantee a fair and equitable distribution of a coronavirus vaccine


New unemployment claims drop to 881,000

  • 881,000 new people filed unemployment claims last week, a number lower than estimated, though still indicative of a weak economy, according to Department of Labor data released Thursday
  • It was the second time new claims dropped below one million, reflecting an improved labor market as well as a change in methodology by the Labor Department
  • Continuing jobless claims decreased by 1.24 million to 13.25 million


Facebook to reject new political ads in week before general election

  • Facebook announced on Thursday it will not accept any new political ads in the week leading up to election day, though it will still allow existing ads to target users during that time
  • The social media giant will also take down posts that claim people will get Covid-19 if they vote and attach information labels to posts attempting to delegitimize the election
  • Labels will also be added to posts by candidates claiming victory before final results are in. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said he feared national divisions could cause civil unrest

US 🦅

Seven officers involved in death of Daniel Prude suspended

  • Seven police officers involved in the death of Daniel Prude last March were suspended with pay Thursday, Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren announced
  • “I understand that the union may sue the city for this,” Warren said. “They shall feel free to do so — I have been sued before”
  • Bodycam footage released Wednesday shows Prude, a 41-year old black man, handcuffed naked with a hood over his head while police pin him to the ground. He was dead one week later


EPA head claims climate change policies will hurt the poor

  • In a speech given on Thursday, Environmental Protection Agency head Andrew Wheeler claimed Democrats’ policies to combat climate change will hurt the poor and promised to support deregulation and development during Trump’s second term
  • “Some members of former administrations and progressives in Congress have elevated single-issue advocacy – in many cases focused just on climate change ... over the interests of communities within their own country,” he said
  • Wheeler, a former coal lobbyist, has often been accused of corruption. Scott Pruitt, his predecessor, resigned after several ethics investigations


  • Film 🎞️. Batman tests positive for coronavirus, halting film production
  • Sports ⚽.  Serena Williams wins in second round of U.S. Open, pushing toward Grand Slam title
  • Celebrity 🎭. David Graeber, influential anthropologist and Occupy Wall Street architect, dies at 59
  • Coronavirus 😷Indiana University evacuates fraternity and sorority houses after outbreak
  • Funny 😹. Man buys 20 lottery tickets, wins every one of them

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