WEDNESDAY - 03/11/20
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"Just a few weeks ago, many of the pundits had declared this candidacy dead. Now, we're very much alive."
—Joe Biden

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Biden comes out on top after Tuesday’s primaries 

  • Joe Biden has won Michigan, representing a substantial blow to Bernie Sanders’s campaign. In 2016, Sanders won Michigan over Clinton, indicating Biden’s robust base this election
  • Biden also secured Mississippi, Missouri and Idaho. Sanders walked away with Washington state and North Dakota 
  • Over 350 delegates were on the table in this round of primaries, which made it the fourth most important day for candidates 
Follow the results of “Super Tuesday II” here

US 🦅

Colleges and universities shut down in response to coronavirus

  • On Tuesday, in light of the growing coronavirus outbreak, Harvard University asked students to evacuate campus in the next five days, announcing that it will switch to virtual classes. The request has put many low income and international students in a tricky situation 
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has also asked students not to return after spring break and will be instituting online classes
  • Other U.S. universities that are suspending in-person classes include the University of Washington, Rice, Stanford, Hofstra, and Berkeley


Proposal made to change Russian presidential term limits

  • An amendment introduced by a Russian lawmaker to the nation’s constitution would reset the current term limits, potentially keeping President Vladimir Putin in power until 2036
  • President Putin, who is 67, has maintained power in some capacity for over 20 years. On April 22nd, there will be a nationwide constitutional referendum to determine the outcome of the proposed change


Google removes official Iranian coronavirus app from app store

  • The Iranian government released an app, AC19, that was allegedly meant to help diagnose COVID-19. However the app was recently removed from Google’s play store for “misleading claims”
  • Despite concerns that the app was used by the Iranian government as a spying tool, an investigation by a malware researcher showed no evidence of spyware 


Airlines face repercussions of coronavirus

  • Airlines are continuing to face the impact of COVID-19’s spread, leading them to cut flights, park planes, freeze hiring, and offer voluntary leave for employees
  • President Trump has mentioned plans to assist the airline and cruise industries, but has yet to elaborate or act
  • Cancellations have overtaken new bookings in recent days, a trend being described as a “fear event”


Cardinal Pell’s final bid to overturn child sexual abuse convictions has begun

  • George Pell, the Australian Cardinal of the Catholic Church, is currently serving a six year sentence after a jury found him guilty of abusing two boys in Melbourne, Australia 
  • Pell, the former Vatican treasurer once expected to replace Pope Francis, lodged his final appeal in September, and the trial will begin Wednesday


  • Interesting 🌙. Chunk of another planet found buried in the moon
  • Politics 🇺🇸. Biden and Sanders campaign events canceled over coronavirus fears
  • Science ⚗️. Grasshopper population declining in Kansas
  • Entertainment 🎤. Coachella 2020 has been postponed 
  • Funny😂. Just get in the water already—it’s warm! 

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