THURSDAY - 02/04/20
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Schumer and McConnell agree to Senate power-sharing agreement

  • On Wednesday, the Senate approved an organizing resolution to establish how to share power in the 50-50 split Senate. Democrats will now be able to take control of Senate committees 
  • The move signals the official transfer of Senate power to the Democrats after Democrats won the two Georgia Senate seats in January, leading to the 50-50 Senate, but power-sharing disagreements between the two parties left Republicans still in control of committees


Canada designates Proud Boys as a terrorist group

  • On Wednesday, Canada named the far-right Proud Boys and 12 other extremist groups as terrorist entities, placing the groups on the same list as al-Qaeda and ISIS
  • Canada’s Department of Public Safety noted the group’s role in the attack on the US Capitol in January and “serious and concerning escalation of violence” as reason for its decision
  • The terrorist designation means that Canadian banks and other financial institutions must freeze any assets connected to the group and doing business with them is illegal


American Airline sends furlough notice

  • On Wednesday, American Airlines warned 13,000 employees that they could be furloughed in the coming weeks as federal payroll aid is set to expire next month and travel demand remains low
  • Last Friday, United Airlines sent a similar furlough warning to 14,000 employees
  • Airline labor unions are now asking Congress for $15 billion in federal payroll support to keep jobs in the industry through September 30


Embracer Group acquires Gearbox in $1.3 billion deal

  • On Wednesday, it was announced that the American video game developer Gearbox will now be a part of Embracer Group– the parent group of development studios THQ Nordic, Saber Interactive, and Koch Media
  • Gearbox founder and CEO Randy Pitchford stated the deal was “a propellent for the exciting future we have planned”

US 🦅

San Francisco sues its own school district to reopen schools

  • On Wednesday, the city of San Francisco filed a lawsuit against its own school district demanding that in-person teaching resumes for more than 52,000 students, which has been paused for almost a year
  • While city attorneys and politicians highlight the need to reopen schools for student academics and well-being, teacher unions say they won’t go back to classrooms until they are vaccinated


Justice Department drops discrimination lawsuit against Yale

  • On Wednesday, the Department of Justice dropped a case brought on by the Trump administration against Yale University, in which it alleged the university was discriminating against white and Asian American applicants during the admissions process
  • The decision to drop the case marks a reversal from the Trump administration's stance discouraging affirmative action and the use of race in considering higher education admissions. In contrast, the Biden administration has vowed to make racial equity a priority


  • Entertainment ⭐️. 2021 Golden Globes nominations released
  • Science 🧬. New Jersey man becomes first to successfully undergo a face and double hand transplant
  • Sports 🏀. East Carolina University upsets No. 5 Houston
  • Social Media 📱. Parler CEO John Matze terminated by Parler board
  • Cute 🐼. Ten panda cubs debut at Chinese panda reserve to celebrate Lunar New Year

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