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MGM Pays Las Vegas Shooting Victims $800 Million 💰


MGM CEO happy with milestone

CEO of MGM Resorts Jim Murren commented, after the settlement was announced, that he was happy that the two parties could arrive at this agreement. Murren says the settlement is not MGM claiming liability for the tragedy. Lawyers for both the plaintiffs and the defendants have seemed happy to avoid long a litigation period.

Why is there a settlement?

MGM Resorts lawyers have agreed to a settlement with the victims of the mass shooting that occurred in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017. The settlement could amount to $800 million. The company has around $751 million in insurance coverage that could help cover the costs. 


The left is directing attention toward MGM’s original attempt to block victims from recovering any money from the company. The attempts to shift blame to the third party security company hired for the concert are also mentioned. Outlets on left discuss MGM’s lawsuit against more than 1,000 people who have filed cases or intended to file cases against the company. 


The right is primarily focused on the liability of MGM. They question whether MGM can truly be held as the liable party in this incident. The company's claim was that the attack was “an act of terrorism” under the Federal Safety Act passed after 9/11. However, video footage of shooter Paddock wheeling bags of rounds and assault rifles with the assistance of MGM security is said to point towards the company's liability. 

Where's the common ground?

Both sides discuss MGM’s original claims against liability and their progression towards the current point in which the settlement has been reached. MGM continues to be called into question over actions leading up to this $800 million settlement. 

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Trump’s Vision for Medicare 📜


Healthcare is back on the table

During his visit to the Villages (a huge retirement community in Florida) on Thursday, President Trump gave a speech extensively addressing his administration’s healthcare achievements and goals. He also signed an executive order titled, "Protecting and Improving Medicare for Our Nation's Seniors," which increases the role of Medicare Advantage, an alternative to traditional Medicare that's administered by private insurers.

What's new?

In his speech, Trump vowed to protect the system from Democratic presidential candidates’ calls for “Medicare for all,” characterizing their proposals as socialism. He also portrayed himself as a protector of Medicare for seniors, much to the support of his mostly-senior audience. 


Sources that lean to the left tend to reference how Trump describes Democratic “Medicare for All” proposals as taking healthcare under threat. They describe the speech as befitting a campaign-style rally, attacking the healthcare policies of 2020 Democratic candidates. Some sources also bring up a relationship between Trump’s recent impeachment inquiries and his relatively-sudden focus on healthcare. It is also brought up how the executive order had previously been titled "Protecting Medicare From Socialist Destruction" according to the White House schedule. 


Sources that lean to the right tend to go into more detail about Trump’s proposals for healthcare. Sources describe the president’s policy changes as strengthening Medicare and highlight his effort towards lowering drug prices and increasing transparency in healthcare. Many quote Trump on how “Democratic health care proposals would put everyone into a single-payer, socialist government-run plan,” and speak of how there would be increased taxes if the Democrats’ plan is put into play. 

Where's the common ground?

Healthcare has long been a controversial subject, particularly in the United States. Both political perspectives agree that healthcare is positive, but there the common ground ends. 

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Extra extra...✨📰✨

The universe's connective tissue. Researchers take the first pictures of cosmic gas filaments that connect the universe (Live Science)

Frightening numbers. Scientists estimate a nuclear war between India and Pakistan would kill up to 125 million people. (Business Insider)

Latest vaping news. CDC confirms that the number of cases related to a deadly vaping illness has reached 1,080 patients in the U.S. (CNBC)

Coincidence? Trump admin. announces a new $40 million weapons deal with Ukraine as the House continues its impeachment inquiry examining Trump’s interactions with Ukraine’s president (USA Today)

New waves. Activists from 'Extinction Rebellion' spray 1,800 liters of fake blood in front of British Treasury in protest of fossil fuels (BBC)
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