Monday - 06/29/20
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“You can’t dump one cup of sugar into the ocean and expect to get syrup. If everybody sweetened her own cup of water, then things would begin to change.”
-Florynce Kennedy

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Trump retweets ‘white power’ video

  • President Trump retweeted a video on Sunday that depicted a supporter proclaiming “White power!”
  • The Trump supporter is a senior citizen taking part in a pro-Trump rally in the retirement community The Villages, in Florida
  • Trump commented “Thank you to the great people of The Villages. The Radical Left Do Nothing Democrats will Fall in the Fall. Corrupt Joe is shot. See you soon!!!”
  • The tweet has now been deleted following outrage from fellow politicians


Russia allegedly placed bounty on American soldiers

  • According to a European intelligence official, Russia offered money to Taliban forces in Afghanistan if they successfully killed American or British troops
  • The New York Times reports that President Trump was briefed on the matter in late March, but has yet to take any action
  • The Trump administration, following outrage from politicians, claims that there was no briefing


Pepsi joins Facebook boycott

  • Though no official announcement has been made, PepsiCo Inc. has pulled its advertising from Facebook
  • Pepsi joins corporations like Ben & Jerry’s and Patagonia in boycotting the lack of hate speech moderation on the social media platform
  • The halt on advertising will reportedly run through July and August


Second next-gen Xbox console hinted at 

  • In a leaked document, it appears that Microsoft plans to release a more affordable next-gen console in the near future
  • Nicknamed “Lockheart,” the console will be an improvement over the current Xbox One, but won’t match the capabilities of the Xbox One X
  • Developers reportedly have access to a “Lockheart” mode in development kits, allowing them to target the performance the console seeks to achieve

US 🦅

Mississippi begins flag-changing process

  • Mississippi legislature passed a resolution on Saturday to begin moving forward with the changing of the state’s controversial flag
  • Mississippi is the only remaining state in the U.S. that has a flag containing the Confederate battle element
  • A likely replacement for the current state flag is the Mississippi hospitality flag


NBA to allow players to don social justice messages

  • NBA Players Association President Chris Paul said on Saturday night that the Player’s Union and the league is collaborating to allow players to adorn a social justice message on their jersey in place of their name
  • The English Premier League recently put “Black Lives Matter” on the back of all game jerseys for the remainder of the season
  • NBA players were notably active in the protests that took place following the murder of George Floyd


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