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Politics 🏛️

Second whistleblower comes out amidst impeachment inquiry

  • While the first whistleblower in the Trump-Ukraine incident reportedly acquired second-hand information, the new source has “first-hand knowledge” of the Trump-Ukraine phone call
  • The attorney representing both whistleblowers, Mark Zaid, said the new whistleblower does not contradict the first whistleblower’s statements

Background: The first whistleblower accused Trump of pressuring Ukraine's President Zelensky to investigate the Biden family so that Trump could build his political ammo for 2020, but both Trump and Zelensky deny the accusations

Tech 📱

Iranian hackers target a 2020 U.S. presidential candidate

  • The hacking group known as Phosphorous is believed to have ties to the Iranian government and has gotten into the unnamed candidate’s Microsoft Office 365 email account
  • The group has been collecting information needed in order to reset email passwords. Microsoft has suggested that any users of Office 365 email put double authentication into effect

World 🌎

UK PM Boris Johnson sets Brexit date for 10/31

  • Johnson says he does not plan on delaying Brexit, and has provided a proposal outlining the UK-Ireland border after Brexit is in effect
  • Due to legal complications however, Johnson’s expected split from the EU may be postponed. If this is the case, Johnson will need to request an extension from Brussels. EU leaders will gather next week to discuss Brexit proceedings

Business 💰

Japan-US trade agreement expected to bolster US farmers

  • President Trump oversaw the signing of a bilateral trade pact with Japan that will decrease Japan's tariffs on numerous US agricultural goods ranging from almonds to beef
  • This pact will eventually bring many US farm-raised products into a sale bracket equal to the Trans-Pacific Partnership that Trump pulled out of in 2017

Science ⚗️

Mars rover discovers deposits from a previous oasis

  • Deposits of mineral salts on Mars serve as a suggestion of shallow martian ponds from a previous era. This evidence documents climate alterations in the geological history of the red planet
  • Scientists are hopeful that, in employing the Curiosity rover, they may uncover the reason Mars dried out

US 🦅

Convicted ex-cop gets a hug and a Bible

  • Ex-police officer Amber Guyger was convicted and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for the lethal shooting of her neighbor Botham Jean. However, Judge Tammy Kemp said she observed a change in Guyger over the course of the trial
  • Kemp was prompted to show an act of mercy toward Guyger. Once the trial concluded, the Kemp approached Guyger, embraced her, and gave her a bible. Judge Kemp confesses it was the first time she acknowledged her faith to a defendant

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