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Trump-Kim Détente: Round 3 💣


We’ve Been Here Before…

Since President Trump took office he has taken a sometimes bellicose and sometimes conciliatory approach to North Korea. He was the first sitting US president to meet a leader of the country, not once but twice, with the second summit in Vietnam being generally seen as a failure. Diplomacy as the solution to North Korean nuclearization has been tried, to no avail, for nearly 30 years with the next attempt slated to take place this weekend.

Recent Talks and More Missiles

North Korea initially stated, and the US later confirmed, that stalled denuclearization talks are scheduled to resume this weekend at the working-level (i.e. no direct talks between Trump and Kim, yet). Hours after the announcement, North Korea launched a ballistic missile, casting a negative light on the prospect of a breakthrough from this third round of talks between the Trump administration and the Kim regime.


Outlets that are pessimistic about the next round of talks lead off their headlines with North Korea's missile launching, casting it as a bad omen for this weekend's meeting. Stories also focus on past failed attempts at diplomacy to posit that this next round will also likely end in failure.

Outlets that are optimistic about the resumed talks focus on the fact that the two sides are communicating again. They either do not mention the recent missile tests by North Korea at all or choose to focus their stories on optimistic quotes from both sides with only cursory mention of the missiles.
Where's the common ground?
All parties believe that a diplomatic solution to North Korean denuclearization is the preferred path when compared with a military approach. However, the pessimists point out that we have been down the road of diplomacy unsuccessfully for decades, while the optimists counter that regardless of how long it takes, war should not be an option.
Hot take:

Teenage Protester Shot by Hong Kong Police 🔫

Drastic measures

On Tuesday, 18-year-old Tsang Chi-kin was shot while protesting Beijing's National Day Celebration, marking the first use of live fire in months of demonstrations. The officer fired at Chi-kin point blank after the teen, amid a group of others, attacked the riot officer with a metal pipe.


Hong Kong police have come to the defense of the officer, claiming that he was acting in self-defense during a life threatening situation. Schoolmates of Chi-Kin have refuted the statement, citing the numerous claims of police brutality throughout the duration of the protests.


Publications in defense of Tsang Chi-kin claim the actions against him are simply a continuation of police brutality and abuse of power. Many of these sources use Tuesday’s events as ammunition to motivate the protesting crowds even further, with no apparent end to the demonstrations in the near future. Interviewed Hong Kong citizens state that the shooting does not affect their view in regards to the ongoing movement.


Sources that defend the police state that the officer who fired the shot was under serious threat and acted in self-defense according to official guidelines. Some articles go so far as to blame Chi-kin, claiming he attacked the officer while unprovoked, spurring the man's justifiable reaction.

Where's the common ground?

Both sides happily report that Chi-kin was quickly transported to a local hospital where he was returned to stable condition and is expected to make a full recovery.

All we really want
Extra extra...✨📰✨

Making bank. E-Trade joins its competitors in eliminating commissions for its clients. (CNNBusiness)

Strikes for educators. Chicago’s teacher union announces it will go on strike on October 17th if its prolonged negotiation with the city does not lead to a new contract. (Reuters)

Fly on the wall. Scientists have successfully used CRISPR to create fruit flies with the monarch butterflies’ ability to eat toxic milkweed. (Vice)

Tariff-ying. The World Trade Organization gives the U.S. the green light to impose tariffs on $7.5 billion worth of goods from the EU. (BBC)

Dangerously phat clouds. A study by Mayo Clinic researchers finds that toxic chemical fumes may be causing the sickness linked to vaping after examining patient tissue samples. (CNBC)

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