Tuesday - 09/15/20
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"Let's be clear. This is a nation founded by immigrants. Unless, you know, your history is of―your ancestors being kidnapped and brought over on a slave ship, unless you are Native American, your people are immigrants."
- Kamala Harris, MSNBC Town Hall

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Biden campaign prepares for legal fight over voting

  • Joe Biden’s campaign is setting up a legal unit with two former solicitor generals and hundred of lawyers in what the campaign is labeling the largest election protection program in presidential campaign history
  • There are already legal disputes surrounding voting and ballot counting during the pandemic and the Biden campaign has stated that the creation of this legal unit is necessary for protecting the integrity of the election
  • The operation will be led by Dana Remus, Biden’s general counsel on the 2020 campaign, and Bob Bauer, former White House Counsel during the Obama administration


Germany moves forward on gas pipeline with Russia

  • Germany is facing pressure to shut down its massive gas pipeline project with Russia following the alleged poisoning of Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny
  • Experts say Germany will most likely go through with the project as construction is more than 94% complete after a decade of work and is vital to the region’s future energy needs
  • The pipeline cost around $11.3 billion to construct and will double the amount of natural gas that can be sent to Germany (around 110 billion cubic meters per year)

US 🦅

Trump questions climate science at wildfire briefing

  • On Monday, Trump stated that climate change is not a factor in the wildfires consuming forests across the west coast
  • According to climate experts, human-caused climate change has resulted in higher temperature extremes and drier vegetation has impact fire behavior
  • Trump did agree with California officials that sustained federal assistance with forest management is necessary moving forward


Nvidia and Softbank agree to $40 billion deal for Arm Holdings

  • On Sunday, Nvidia announced that it will be acquiring Arm Holdings from SoftBank for $40 billion
  • Arm develops the architecture used in mobile chips in every mobile device such as iPhones and Android devices. SoftBank acquired Arm for $31.4 billion in 2016
  • The sale comes as a result of the company needing to raise cash after investments in companies such as WeWork and Uber have netted losses


YouTube launches TikTok competitor


Number of Americans willing to get COVID-19 vaccine drops 23 points to 32%

  • In May, around 55% of Americans said they would get vaccinated for Covid-19 when a vaccine becomes available
  • Four months later, only 32% say they plan to get vaccinated according to a recent Yahoo News/YouGov poll
  • The 23 point drop comes as a result of concern surrounding the politicization of the vaccine development process which has raised fears that the safety of the vaccine could be compromised if politics takes precedence


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