WEDNESDAY - 08/26/20
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"We live under a government of men and morning newspapers."
—Wendell Phillips

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GOP national convention forges on

  • The second night kicked off with an address from First Lady Melania Trump, whose presence with her family was crafted to “humanize” the campaign, bolstering approval of Donald Sr. in the GOP
  • Mary Ann Mendoza, a speaker expected to present on illegal immigration and crime at the evening’s address, had to be removed after Mendoza urged her Twitter following to consider a blatantly anti-semitic conspiracy from a QAnon believer


UAE and Israel to enter negotiations next week

  • The landmark deal, brokered by the US, will see the United Arab Emirates become the third Arab country to forge ties with Israel
  • According to Israel PM Netanyahu, the goals of next week’s negotiations will be to agree upon cooperation in sectors such as aviation and tourism, trade, finance, health, energy and security
  • White House Special Advisor Jared Kushner is set to attend the meeting, as well as US international Advisor Avi Berkowitz and Special Representative for Iran, Brian Hook


CARES act closure will mean reduction of airline workforce in October

  • The CARES act has kept the airline industry afloat during the past several months, but with debates reaching no firm conclusions, American Airlines is targeting some 19,000 jobs involuntarily with 40,000 more in tow for a grand reduction of their employment by 30%
  • American is not alone in its desperation. Delta, Spirit, Southwest, and United have all reported similar difficulties, with many of their workers leaving due to voluntary or involuntary decision

US 🦅

Jacob Blake Jr. reportedly paralyzed in the ER

  • The police shooting of Blake has left him in the emergency room at Kenosha, Wisconsin, where his friends and family grieve and pursue guidance from their attorneys for the impending investigation
  • The damage done to Blake’s body was reportedly severe, with his attorney saying “It’s going to take a miracle for Jacob Blake Jr to ever walk again”


New Fitbit can check skin temperatures

  • If you are hot blooded, the new Fitbit Sense will check your temperatures and see what is going on in order to supply tips for reducing stress throughout the day
  • Of Fitbit’s two newly-released smart watch models, only the flagship has the special feature. However they both possess GPS, OLED screens, extended battery life, and Alexa or Google Assistant support


The “Impossible Orchestra” raises funds for charities

  • The orchestra ensemble that met through the impossible circumstances of COVID-19 is dedicating their virtual performance to domestic abuse charities in Mexico, aiming to raise money for the cause
  • The Impossible Orchestra has produced both visual and audio recordings of their conductor’s favorite piece, Danzon no. 2, which has also been choreographed into dance
  • Alondra de la Parra, the composer and conductor, said, “The power of music and dance encapsulated by so many wonderful musicians coming together to create the Impossible Orchestra will send a powerful message of solidarity and hope to those in my home country whose already vulnerable position has been exasperated by Covid-19”


  • Sports🏈. Detroit Lions NFL team walks out of practice to protest police violence against Jacob Blake
  • Environment🌲. UK environmental laws track down deforestation and the supply chains that caused them
  • Interesting🔎. A cache of gold coins dating from 1,100 years ago was discovered in Israel
  • Travel✈️. Thailand is considering opening up for international travel in October
  • Markets💹. Dow Jones jumped 175 trade points Tuesday morning
  • Funny😂. 4-year-old refuses to move during dance recital

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