Lately, people have been really into blaming things on millennials. Apparently, millennials have been killing off cable TV, American cheese, and now canned tuna. This comes as no surprise since millennials prefer fresher and less processed foods. Only one-third of consumers between 18-34 have bought canned fish recently. Canned tuna sales have fallen 42% since the 80s.
Something's fi...
#1: UN Climate Change Conference Begins 🌎

The United Nations’ annual two-week climate change conference, also known as COP24 (24th Conference of the Parties), began on December 3 in Poland. World leaders met to discuss how to turn the terms of the 2015 Paris agreement into reality.

No-show for the US

Noticeably absent from the conference were senior representatives from the US (they sent working-level staff instead). President Trump has made clear his decision to withdraw from the 2015 Paris agreement, and has denied the existence of climate change itself.


The left argues that climate change is the biggest man-made threat to civilization. They see the task of preventing climate change as a collective effort. Therefore Trump’s decision to not cooperate in collective efforts have spurred what the left terms the “Trump effect,” which threatens to destroy the trust and responsibility upon which these global agreements are founded.


The right argues that Attenborough’s civilization-destroying comments on climate change are alarmist and not based on science. Sources also ironically point out that the carbon footprint of the conference itself (not including travel) will emit 55,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide. 


Will COP24 result in effective changes?

Likely not, unless the US steps up. As one of the biggest emitters of greenhouse gases, US cooperation is crucial in working towards preventing climate change. The US's refusal to take a leadership role, or any major role at all, could render the UN’s efforts futile. 

Not true...but funny
#2: Freshman Congresswoman Corrected 🤷


Alexandria Oscasio-Cortez (AOC), an incoming freshman Congresswoman (D-NY) made headlines with two striking tweets (1 and 2) over the weekend. One of the tweets referenced "Pentagon accounting errors" and has received backlash from liberals and conservatives alike for being erroneous.

What was so wrong?

AOC's tweet alleged that the Pentagon had wasted $21 trillion as a result of accounting errors, claiming that the funds could have been used to cover two-thirds of Bernie Sanders' Medicare For All (M4A) idea. The problem is accounting errors don't represent actual money that can be used elsewhere.


The right emphasizes the erroneous claim in AOC’s tweet and that the 70k likes it received are indicative of the delusion among socialists. This side states that the pre-existing condition tax is responsible for the largest increases in premiums – claiming that liberals support covering pre-existing conditions, but don’t want to pay for it.

Rookie mistakes

Since her underdog victory over veteran Congressman Crowley (D), AOC has garnered several media headlines. However, her string of recent gaffes has damaged her credibility, which was already being questioned by some. In a political climate where fake news and media bias are aplenty, it is important for AOC to fill her policy knowledge gaps quickly.

With great power comes great responsibility
Extra extra...✨📰✨
"This is the real me." Nigeria's president denies claims that he died and was replaced by a clone (CNN)
Bigger than Sinclair. Nexstar Media is acquiring Tribune Media for $6.4B to become the largest owner of local TV stations in the US (NPR)
Going solo. Qatar is withdrawing from the oil syndicate OPEC as its relationship with Saudi Arabia strains (Reuters)
+300 points. The stock market is up over 1% (the Dow) after Trump meets with China and pauses a plan to increase tariffs (MarketWatch)
Gender issues. Harvard is being sued by fraternities and sororities for discriminating against students who join them (NBC News)
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