Friday - 05/21/21
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House passes bill to combat discrimination among Asian-Americans

  • After Asian-Americans experienced a surge of hate crimes throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the House overwhelmingly voted for legislation to end the violence targeting the community
  • The bill now is now in the process of receiving a signature from President Joe Biden after a 364-62 vote, with a majority of Republicans in support of the proposal and only 62 members in opposition 
  • Labeled “The COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act,” the bill will require an appointed Justice Department official to comprise a review of hate crimes documented during the pandemic. The DOJ will also be expected to provide guidance for state and local law enforcement agencies to initiate online reporting, data collection, and public education campaigns 


U.S. advises closure of Canadian and Mexican borders through June 21st

  • As India hits the highest single-day death toll in the midst of the global coronavirus pandemic, the United States has made the decision to extend restrictions on nonessential travel at land borders with Canada and Mexico as their cases begin to yield
  • The Department of Homeland Security confirmed in a tweet that the U.S. is, “working closely with Canada and Mexico to safely ease restrictions as conditions improve”
  • Borders were originally closed to leisure travelers in March 2020, yet restrictions have continued to be extended each month ever since


Swedish oat milk company valued at $12.5 billion  

  • Scientists Rickard Oste, and his brother, Bjorn Oste, co-founded the Malmo-Based Company, Oatly, after coming up with the idea of turning oat bran byproducts into a form of non-dairy milk
  • With assistance from Chief Executive Officer Toni Peterson, the branding of Oatly developed with the purpose to highlight environmental consciousness, which helped spark the popularity of the concept of non-dairy milk
  • Oatly’s products first became available in the United States and eventually expanded to more than 20 other countries. Today, the company currently holds a combined stake worth $562 million in America


Snapchat reaches 500 million active monthly users

  •  Shares of the social media app were up more than 5% on Thursday marking a significant milestone for the company after refusing a multi-billion dollar investment by Facebook in 2017
  • Snap released data of monthly-active-users for the first time on Thursday, while the company usually focuses on its daily user base that recently reached 280 million within the past month
  • The milestone was announced at the company’s 2021 Snap Partner Summit, where new augmented-reality features were also released to potentially help the company monetize their monthly user base figures

US 🦅

Rochester Mayor’s husband arrested on drug and weapon charges

  • The home of Rochester, New York’s Mayor, Lovely Warren, was raided this past Wednesday after a seven-month-long drug probe that wasn’t originally targeting her husband, officials say
  • Timothy Granison was exposed on the police radar three months ago in the midst of the investigation, which provoked Rochester authorities to involve the state police
  • The investigation led to the arrest of seven other people as authorities seized two kilos of crack along with four illegal weapons and $100,000 cash. Two of these weapons were accumulated from Mayor Lovely Warren’s home


May’s “flower supermoon” expected to appear next week

  • According to EarthSky, this supermoon that will display on Wednesday will be the closest moon to Earth in 2021. The description of what is considered a supermoon is generally determined by how close it is to the Earth
  • The flower supermoon will also be the first total lunar eclipse following an occurrence in January 2019. It will cross through the Earth’s shadow in a duration of just over three hours, yet the actual lunar eclipse will only last under 15 minutes
  • The full moon was named the “flower moon” during the month of May as a representation of the flowers blooming across North America in the spring season


  • Environment 🌲. Brazil environmental minister investigated after being accused of wood-smuggling from the Amazon region
  • Sports ⚽. Olympians who are nursing mothers are left to face choosing between the Games and their infants    
  • Arts 🎭. Friends followers become concerned about Matthew Perry after he appeared to slur his words in an interview for the reunion trailer
  • Geopolitics 🔎. Hamas says Gaza truce with Israel to begin at 2 a.m on Friday
  • Funny 😹. Virginia woman loses her $250,000 winning lottery ticket and finds it under her dresser just in time to claim her prize

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