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But they're just in time for PSL season

Climate Action Becomes Cornerstone Topic at UN General Assembly 🌐


74th United Nations General Assembly opened Sept. 17 

This year's UNGA has included a Climate Action Summit, which convened on Monday. President Trump, who was not expected to attend, appeared at the summit for a few minutes. The President held another summit calling for an international defense of religious freedom.

UNGA will confront other current issues beside climate action

The UNGA open debate is set for Tuesday. While climate protection is among the big issues to be addressed at the assembly, the UNGA will also look into elements of the  relationship between the US and Iran (in light of suspicion of the latter's involvement in the attack on two Saudi oil sites). President Trump, meanwhile, has been asked repeatedly about the Ukraine matter and talk of his impeachment.


Much of the left examines President Trump's involvement in the UNGA with stark skepticism and an air of ready rebuke. Under the looming Ukraine incident and an offended Iran, whose economy was injured due to the Saudi attack accusations, Trump has become an easy target for an exceptionally broad audience. Liberal outlets also stress Trump's limited time and involvement at the climate action summit.


The right, in contrast, examines the UNGA with particular appreciation and extended coverage of President Trump's contribution of the religious liberty summit. Commentary from some of the conservative media has also lightly criticized prior action taken by UN authorities to aid persecuted religious sects, saying a different method was called for.

Where's the common ground?
Common ground is limited here, as the left and right have focused on different aspects of the UNGA proceedings. The left seeks to draws attention to the need for action in preserving global stability by reducing humanity’s carbon footprint, a concept many on the left it feels is of significant importance. On the flipside, the right views the moral upstanding of society, and the right to free exercise of religion, with an equal level of significance.
Is this what the kids call a "hot take?"
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Extra extra...✨📰✨

So...Atlantis? Scientists discover the remnants of a hidden continents in mountains of Southern Europe (CNN)

Meddling. Russia faces a potential ban from all sporting events after the World Anti-Doping Agency finds major inconsistencies (BBC)

Climate Summit. “You have stolen my dreams, my childhood, with your empty words.” Greta Thunberg addresses the UN (Vox)

Let's play! Google launches a new subscription service offers access to more than 250 games and apps for 4.99 per month (The Verge)

"No signs" of rebounding. NASA reports that Arctic sea ice has melted to its 2nd lowest level on record (USA Today)

Donate or drop. DNC announces even tighter requirements for candidates to qualify for the 5th debate in November (Reuters

Come one, come all. Interior ministers from 5 EU states agree to a deal to address the migration crisis and relieve pressure on southern EU nations (Reuters)

Distribution matters. Doctors Without Borders accuses the World Health Organization of restricting access to the Ebola vaccine (NPR

You’re out. Wide receiver Antonio Brown announces he won’t play in the NFL anymore, following his release from the New England Patriots and allegations of sexual assault (CNN

Scrambling. British travel company Thomas Cook declares bankruptcy, leaving 600,000 passengers stranded around the world (BI)

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