Monday - 02/22/21
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“Man cannot remake himself without suffering, for he is both the marble and the sculptor.”
Alexis Carrel

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Biden approves disaster declaration for Texas

  • This declaration makes federal funding, including money for home repairs, temporary housing and low-cost loans available to those affected by the extreme cold
  • Millions of Texans are faced with prolonged power outages and approximately half of the state’s residents have limited access to water services
  • The aid has only been approved for 77 counties out of the 254 counties that have requested it


UK ramps up COVID-19 vaccination schedule

  • The country plans for everyone to have their first shot by the end of July
  • The UK’s previous plan was to have residents inoculated with at least one vaccine by September. In contrast, Dr. Fauci says that the U.S. may have 70% of the population vaccinated by the fall
  • Unlike U.S. vaccine rollout, Britain delays giving out the second dose of the vaccine in order to give more people partial protection. Each person waits 12 weeks between shots rather than three to four


Food delivery apps are cutting into the profits of restaurants

  • Apps like DoorDash and Grubhub, which have become a necessity for restaurants now that dine-in eating is an unattractive choice, can charge restaurants up to 30% of every order
  • Governments have enforced rules to put a cap on the delivery app fees in an attempt to support restaurants


Scientists successfully clone an endangered ferret

  • The ferret, Elizabeth Ann, is a genetic copy of a black-footed ferret, Willa, who died in 1988 and whose remains were frozen
  • “With these cloning techniques, you can basically freeze time and regenerate those cells,” U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service black-footed ferret recovery coordinator Pete Gober said
Photos and video of this adorable scientific breakthrough can be found here

US 🦅

Massive amounts of air pollution released in Texas amid unprecedented freeze

  • The extreme and unexpected weather cut off natural gas and electricity, leaving oil refinery plants unable to stay running
  • The subsequent shutdown of the refineries led to the release of pollutants including carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide and more
  • Nearly 337,000 pounds of pollutants were released by the five largest refineries in Texas


Fossil discovered to be 30-million-year-old vampire squid

  • The modern day vampire squid is miraculously able to survive the the deep sea where oxygen levels are limited, as opposed to most other squid species which are found in much shallower water
  • This new fossil and its analysis fills a 120-million-year space in the evolution of the cephalopod species and demonstrates that the vampire squid has been a deep sea dweller for at least 30 million years


  • The Royal Family 👑. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle step back from their royal duties and end working ties with the throne  
  • Political Figures 🏛. Senator Ted Cruz returns from trip to Cancun after facing serious backlash
  • Film 🎥. Singer-songwriter Sia released the movie, Music, which has been widely criticized for its portrayal of autism by young dancer Maddie Ziegler
  • Funny 😂. Ohio man embarks on “beer diet” during Lent
  • Heartwarming 😊. New study finds that people will do almost anything for their dogs

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