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The U.S. Department of Labor expanded pay requirements for overtime, extending eligibility to 1.3 million more workers. A long-awaited move, the rule will increase the maximum salary threshold (from $23,660 to $35,568) that an employee is eligible for overtime work. While a more sweeping version of the rule by the Obama administration was blocked in 2016, the reform is long-awaited, and it’ll begin on January 1st of next year. 


The House Calls for Trump’s Impeachment 🍑


Pelosi takes the plunge 

Despite her earlier apprehension towards impeachment, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced a formal impeachment inquiry of President Trump on Tuesday. Fueled by a whistleblower complaint regarding Trump’s communication with the Ukrainian President, Nancy Pelosi called for President Trump’s impeachment on the grounds that he had enlisted a foreign power to assist in his own political gain. 

What comes next? 

Based off the Nixon and Clinton cases, the next step will involve an investigation held by the House Judiciary Committee. This would be followed by a majority vote in the Democratically-controlled House. However, the final step in the impeachment proceedings would involve a hearing in the Republican-majority Senate, where a two-thirds majority vote is needed—and unlikely. 


The left emphasizes the alleged offenses of President Trump in his communication with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, accusing Trump of compromising national security. Further, the left praises Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi for making the charge against Trump, a shift from criticism over her former reluctance to commence an impeachment inquiry. 


The right highlights the unlikelihood of the impeachment process culminating in the removal of Trump from office, and they criticize the Democrats involved in the inquiry. Many conservative news outlets have quoted President Trump’s claim that the move will cost Democrats the 2020 election as well as emphasize Trump’s vow to release the transcript of his communication with Zelensky. 

Where's the common ground?

Tuesday’s move toward impeachment is the culmination of House Democrats’ months-long call to remove Trump from office, work that has left Washington highly divided. While Trump’s decision to release the call’s transcript on Wednesday is a step that may appease both parties, contention over the content in the communication is highly likely. 

Ain't that right
Boris Johnson’s Parliament Suspension Ruled Unlawful ❌

Boris’ blunder

On Tuesday, Britain's Supreme Court ruled unanimously that Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s attempted five-week suspension of Parliament last month was unlawful. The prorogation, whether intentional or not, barred Parliament from deliberating Brexit before the October 31st deadline.

Resignation in order?

Johnson now faces increasing pressure to resign, championed by British Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn; however, he has no plan to remove himself from office. Members of Parliament intend to reconvene midday Wednesday.


The left makes light of Johnson’s failed attempt to ensure Brexit’s success, referencing Supreme Court President Hale’s delivered verdict as a near demolition of the Prime Minister. Articles also condemn Johnson’s deception of Queen Elizabeth as an attempt to increase the limitations of his own political power.


The right often mentions Trump’s support of PM Johnson and Brexit, stating that the president looks forward to negotiating a new and exciting trade deal with the UK post EU split. Articles also bolster Johnson’s ability to get through this misstep.


Where’s the common ground?

Unfortunately, there is little in common to be found here. The right hold fast in support of Johnson and Britain's separation from the EU, while the left call for his resignation and Brexit’s termination.

Watching what's happening in Britain rn
Extra extra...✨
Cut that out. PG&E cut power to over 24,000 homes as weather developments in North California increase risks of fire. (FoxBusiness)

We gotchu. The U.S. House unveiled new legislation that would create a $1 billion fund to help small and rural wireless companies replace equipment from Huawei and other companies that posed a national security risk. (Reuters)

Forget me not. Europe’s highest court ruled that Google does not need to apply the EU's right to be forgotten to all of its search engine versions around the globe. (BBC)

Out of this world! Astronomers have discovered another interstellar object in our solar system, and they named it 2I/Borisov after the first person to spot it. (Gizmodo)

All in this together. Amazon created a 30-company partnership aimed at helping devices work with multiple digital assistants simultaneously. (TheVerge)

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