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What's that I see? A new image of the surface of Mars, captured by the European Space Agency, looks remarkably like a rather earthly substance: white chocolate. To the delight of many on the internet, the ESA released the image of Martian dunes on the planet's north pole. Unfortunately, the zone pictured below is one that would likely be uninhabitable, should humans ever successfully make landfall on the chemically extreme planet.
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Almost 50,000 General Motors Employees Go On Strike 🚘


Thousands strong

This is the largest strike enacted by a labor organization against GM in over a decade. The strike has been taken up outside of 55 GM locales spread across 19 states. The protest is part of a recent breakout of labor activism throughout numerous industries.

Workers want greater benefits

The GM employees, members of United Auto Workers, seek a larger cut of the auto company's profits, which would include salary raises on an annual basis. GM's statement, however, noted that theirs was a decent offer which encompassed higher wages and additional benefits. President Trump tweeted on Sunday, prior to the strike, that GM and UAW ought to come to an agreement.


Certain publications on the left see the multi-state UAW strike as a component of a broader movement within the area of laborers' rights, with a number of liberal politicians voicing support for the protesters. Simultaneously, the left also draws attention to the concern that a prolonged period of negotiation might cause GM to fall into junk bond status. This would then attach a high-risk factor to investments into GM.


The right sheds light on the vulnerable position many of the workers are in while on strike. Conservative publications have also noted that President Trump met earlier in the month with GM chief executive Mary Barra to discuss a number of issues, including union contracting. Some right-wing media have also mentioned the current Justice Department investigation into UAW President Gery Jones, after a sum of cash in excess of $30,000 was found in his home.

Where's the common ground?

Both the right and the left more or less agree that the issue resulting in the strike should be resolved as it has caused serious strife for the protesters and the company alike. Common ground lies in acknowledging the need for both stabilized business and honest wages.

Gosh darn it
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The New York Times' Blunder 📰


New allegations against Kavanaugh

Over the weekend, the NYT ran a piece in its Opinion section regarding new claims of sexual assault against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh by a female peer at Yale. The piece was based on a recent book by two experienced NYT reporters.

An inappropriate tweet and omitted details

In order to promote the story, the NYT’s Opinion Twitter account posted a tweet that was later deleted after receiving backlash. In addition, the NYT issued an Editor’s Note stating that the piece did not include all the information in the book regarding the sexual assault allegation. According to the Editor’s Note, “The book reports that the female student declined to be interviewed and friends say that she does not recall the incident.”


The left criticizes the NYT piece as a serious blunder. They focus on the NYT’s Opinion section and highlight a list of blunders made in the past. They acknowledge that the NYT’s handling of the story was poor and has drawn widespread criticism. The left also emphasizes that the criticism has come from conservatives and feminists. They also breakdown the inconsistencies in the story run by the NYT.


The right claims that the accusations against Kavanaugh are an attempt to smear the Supreme Court. They criticize the NYT article, the recently published book about Kavanaugh, and Kavanaugh’s accusers. Furthermore, the right calls out Democrat lawmakers who doubled down on calling for Kavanaugh’s impeachment following NYT’s update on their story.

Where's the common ground?

Both sides acknowledge the blunder by the NYT in handling the reporting of the issue. The right extrapolates the blunder and impeachment requests by Democrats as an attack on the Supreme Court. The left acknowledges that the piece was poor journalism by the NYT and that it has received deserved widespread criticism.

Anyone else feeling déjà vu?
Extra extra...✨📰✨

Reckoning. Purdue Pharma files for bankruptcy protection, facing lawsuits alleging it helped fuel the opioid epidemic (Reuters)

Largest ever measured. Scientists discover a neutron star, 5-miles in diameter, with twice the mass of the sun (Fox News)

Smoke on that. Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) uses executive action to ban all flavors of e-cigarettes except tobacco and menthol (CNN)

Climate change news. Researchers find that diesel cars emit 30% more air pollution when temperatures rise beyond 30°C (The Guardian)

"Freedom Dividend." Nearly 450k people applied to Andrew Yang’s presidential campaign to be in the drawing for $1,000/month (CBS)

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