THURSDAY - 06/04/20
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"Just because I find myself in this story
It doesn't mean that everything is written for me
If I think the ending is fixed already
I might as well be saying I think that it's ok
And that's not right."
-"When I Grow Up," Matilda the Musical

Welcome to Bullet Points by News Bling where we give you a well-rounded dose of bias-free news in the fewest words possible so you can start your day smart. Here's what's blinging today... 🧐

US 🦅

Defense Secretary rejects the use of military in protests

  • Defense Secretary Mark Esper stated Wednesday that he opposes the President’s use of the Insurrection Act, which would allow the use of the military to control the nationwide protests
  • Despite disapproval from Esper, President Trump is still within judicial power to deploy the military during circumstances of civil unrest that has disrupted normal enforcement of the law
  • The Senate Majority Whip, John Thune (R-SD), has backed Esper, saying that “the U.S. military should maintain its longstanding tradition of staying nonpolitical”
More information: The Insurrection Act has been invoked in race riots as recent as 1992, after the beating of Rodney King, and in 1968 after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.


FBI comes under fire for Russia probe

  • As GOP Senators have been inquiring about the origins of the Russia investigation, former Attorney General Rod Rosenstein testified Wednesday that he was unaware of issues with warrants during the probe
  • However, Inspector General Michael Horowitz has found 17 significant errors in the official warrant applications and its subsequent follow ups, which will be addressed in an upcoming Senate hearing


Financial aid runs short in Yemen

COVID-19 💉

5 vaccine labs have been selected as the leaders in a COVID cure 

  • Biotech and pharmaceutical companies Moderna, Oxford University/AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and Merck are all approaching their final steps in clinical trials of a COVID vaccine, which are expected to be completed within the next month
  • Dr. Fauci has expressed careful optimism in the efficacy of the vaccines and believes that a cure is possible due to the recoveries found in various patients


Facebook users can now delete old posts 

  • Facebook’s “Manage Activity” feature will allow users to prevent their Facebook accounts from being made a permanent account of their posting history
  • Interested in keeping some of those posts? The archive tool will allow users to remove posts from their wall, but keep private for personal reflection


US issues restrictions against 33 Chinese organizations

  • The US Commerce Department has declared a “blacklist” of 33 Chinese institutions and firms that are being accused of human rights violations, both governmental and commercial 
  • These companies are largely focused on artificial intelliegence and facial recognition technology, and will be cut off from trade with the US effective Friday, June 5


  • Celebrities ⭐️. Glee star Lea Michele apologizes for making her co-star’s life “a living hell”
  • Social media 📱. K-Pop fans take over #whitelivesmatter to drown out white supremacist posts
  • Travel ✈️. Flights from the US to China have been officially cancelled by Trump over coronavirus fears 
  • Funny 😂. Size 75 shoes are being made to help with social distancing
  • Good news 🥰. Several banks and tech companies have pledged over $1 billion to fight racial inequality in the US

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