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While it's a custom of many Asian and Middle Eastern households, taking off your shoes before entering a house isn’t necessary if you’re worried about tracking bacteria. Experts emphasize that shoes rank low in the hierarchy of bacteria carriers in your home – particularly in comparison to sponges. Out of the home, they caution against frequently-touched but rarely-cleaned objects, like gas pumps, and public bathroom floors, which have two million bacteria per square inch. 

Thinking about all those germs outside rn

California Senate Reshapes Gig Economy with AB5 Bill 📜


What is AB5?

In a move that is expected to dramatically change the current gig economy, the California Senate voted to pass Assembly Bill 5 (AB5), which restricts companies from classifying employees as independent contractors. According to the bill, workers that are under certain company-exerted controls or perform tasks pertaining to the company's regular business must be considered employees.

Driven out

AB5 will go into effect January 1st. App-based companies, such as Uber, Lyft and DoorDash, will be especially affected and potentially threatened. However, California Governor Gavin Newsom, who supported the bill and whose signature is required to turn it into law, shared his plans to negotiate with companies that wish to be exempted from AB5. 


Sources that say AB5 is good for employees argue that it not only provides justice to laborers left off payrolls, but also protects and expands the freedoms and rights of workers. The bill will allow these employees to join labor unions and obtain payroll benefits, such as overtime pay and unemployment assistance. 


Those who argue that AB5 is bad for companies express concern over the estimated 30% spending increase necessary to give workers employee status. They also mention that the bill will severely limit the freedom of workers who cannot have a full-time commitment and need flexible hours, which will harm the independent contractor relationship that is key to their business models.

Where's the common ground?

In the debate on AB5's effects on employees and companies, both sides agree that the rights and needs of workers are a priority.

But how do we prevent this from happening

Antonio Brown Accused of Sexual Assault 👮‍♂️


Accused of assault

On Tuesday, New England Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown has been accused of sexual assault and rape. The accuser, Britney Taylor, a gymnast who attended Central Michigan University with Brown, claims that she was sexually assaulted in both 2017 and 2018. Taylor alleges that Brown made multiple sexual advances without consent as well as exposed himself. 

Dropping the ball

Following a tumultuous summer that resulted in his release from the Oakland Raiders for behavioral issues, Brown must go through legal proceedings as his future in the NFL remains uncertain. NFL commissioner Rodger Goodell now must make the decision to intervene until a jury can reach a verdict, or wait until all evidence has been laid out. 


Sources calling for NFL intervention place emphasis on Rodger Goodell taking action and deeming Brown ineligible in order to put a stop to his problematic behavior. Brown’s prior incidences are cited, including the public disagreements with the staff of both the Pittsburgh Steelers and Oakland Raiders that led to his dismissal. 


Publications that have the innocent until proven guilty mindset cite that Brown’s notoriety is at an all-time high. These sources cite other famous athletes that have been falsely accused of rape and sexual assault such as Brazilian soccer star Neymar. An urge to wait until all evidence is present, as many believe it is the job of the court to reach a verdict. 

Whether's the common ground?

Both sides strive for this issue to be resolved in a just and equitable manner. There is hope that both sides appropriately ready themselves to defend their position for a case that will grace the cover of newspapers across the country.

Waiting to see what happens like
Extra extra...✨

Wat(er) is happening? Astronomers discovered a planet with water vapor in its atmosphere. (Cnet)

That’s fit. Fitbit revealed its new subscription service called Fitbit Premium, which would give users more insight into their overall health. (CNNBusiness)

Order in the court. The U.S. Supreme Court allowed the Trump administration's rule requiring immigrants to first file for asylum in countries they pass through to go into effect, as lawsuits against it work through the system. (Reuters)

That settles it. Opioid-maker Purdue Pharma reached a deal to settle over 2,000 lawsuits that would cover half of the states suing the company. (CNBC)

It's electric. Scientists have discovered two new electric eel species, including one that set a new record for the strongest electrical shock produced. (USAToday)

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