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Republicans give approval of Trump’s Supreme Court intentions

  • Republican senators have sided with the president’s push to replace the late liberal Justice Ginsberg with a conservative justice before the November election, a move that would shift the ideological core of the highest court
  • Despite widespread Republican support, the accelerated time table will present difficulties for the Senate, who have 38 days to act after the announcement of the nominee


UK urges work from home fearing COVID resurgence 

  • Fearing a second wave of COVID, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced limits on business hours that will affect entertainment venues, pubs, and restaurants
  • Promising that the new measures will not approach the level of the lockdowns in March, Johnson’s new measures have received some pushback from Parliament members who believe that Johnson is lacking a concrete plan—something they suspect could lead to an economic crisis


New Tesla battery announcement underwhelms investors


YouTube to roll out further content restrictions

  • The YouTube artificial intelligence that has previously been employed to flag violent and other inappropriate content is now to be used to flag content and mark videos that may not be safe for underage viewers 
  • The restrictions come in the wake of a lawsuit from a former moderator, whose experiences with having to watch hours of unsettling videos has allegedly caused her severe trauma and exacerbated mental illness symptoms

US 🦅

Louisville PD declares state of emergency 

  • The Louisville Police Department has declared a state of emergency in preparation for the upcoming decision from the Kentucky Attorney General regarding the police officers who killed Breonna Taylor
  • The safety measures will include vehicle barricades around important protest areas, government buildings, as well as emergency routes allowing civilians to safely leave important business areas in downtown Louisville
  • Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron will present his findings to a grand jury at an unspecified date, expected soon


3-D printed organs could remedy permanent damage

  • Researchers at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China have discovered a way to use a minimally-invasive medical instrument to insert 3-D printing tools that would enter the body and patch lesions in the stomach
  • Future improvements will allow the system to promote tissue regrowth in bone, heart, kidney, and ovaries–all while complementing surgical procedures and preventing infections


  • Sports🏈. NFL head coaches fined $100,000 for defying mask policy
  • Arts🎨. Rockefeller family donates $1.5M to promote inclusion of diverse artists in galleries
  • Interesting🔎. NASA’s Juno spacecraft captures an amazing partial eclipse on Jupiter
  • Entertainment🎞. Photos surface of Jennifer Lawrence sneaking pizza into the 2014 Oscars
  • Funny😂. Brazilian parrot stops soccer practice

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