Tuesday - 06/23/20
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Two Trump campaign staffers test positive for coronavirus following Tulsa rally

  • Two members of Trump’s campaign advance team who attended the rally in Oklahoma have tested positive for the coronavirus
  • The tally of advance team members that are Covid-19 positive is now up to eight
  • The tally includes at least two Secret Service officers who were assigned to the event and tested positive prior to the rally on Saturday evening


Coronavirus cases on the rise in big countries according to WHO

  • Coronavirus cases are on the rise in major countries such as Brazil, according to the WHO
  • There were more than 183,000 new cases recorded on Sunday, the most in a single day since the outbreak started in December
  • The total number of global cases passed the 9 million mark on Monday, with the US and China reporting new outbreaks as per a Reuters tally


Trump suspends entry of certain foreign workers

  • The Trump administration has issued an order that will bar the entry of foreign workers on H-1B and L-1 visas through the end of the year. The administration will also block seasonal workers on H-2B visas, with an exception for workers in the food service industry
  • Major tech companies and the US Chamber of Commerce have claimed that the suspension could hamper the economic recovery following the pandemic related damage
  • The administration also issued a regulation that will remove the requirement to process work permits for asylum seekers within 30 days, which will result in longer waits for work authorization

US 🦅

GOP Senators defend Trump over firing of U.S. attorney in New York

  • Republican senators have defended President Trump regarding his firing of the top federal prosecutor in Manhattan, whose office was investigating Trump’s associates at the time of his firing
  • While several lawmakers expressed concern over the DOJ’s handling of the US Attorney Geoffrey Berman’s termination, GOP senators are returning to old habits - deferring to Trump’s judgment


Apple to use its own processors for Macs starting later this year

  • Apple is officially switching to its own silicon chips for some Mac computers. The first Mac with Apple silicon will be released at the end of the year with new Intel-powered Macs still in the pipeline
  • The move to ARM-powered chips will now allow iOS and iPadOS apps to run natively on macOS in the future
  • Apple is also projecting higher performance and lower power consumption with this move. Apple is designing a custom line of System on Chip (SoC) for Mac, with unique features


Richard Petty and the entire Talladega field show support for Bubba Wallace


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