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The creator of the Labradoodle cross-breed made headlines yesterday after appearing on an ABC podcast, where he said that he regretted unleashing a "Frankenstein('s) monster." Wally Conron, who bred the Labradoodle originally as a guide dog, is credited with sparking a crossbreeding frenzy, which Conron said has resulted in dogs with hereditary and health issues. 
But look at that face!
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Spy Chief Testifies Before Congress 🕵 
Chief Maguire says “whistleblower did the right thing”

Early Thursday, acting director of national intelligence Joseph Maguire testified before Congress. During his testimony, he made clear that he believed the Whitehouse whistleblower did the right thing in reporting President Trump’s interactions with Ukraine. 

What do we know now?

The documents disclosing the complaint made by the whistleblower have been released to both Congress and the public. Public officials are trying to understand how to move forward with this information. 


The left is focusing on the importance of the allegations against President Trump. It is mentioned that the information given by the whistleblower is not from a first hand account. However, the main focus remains on the fact that while the Department of Justice established that the complaint did not meet the requirements for "urgent concern," Maguire decided to provide Congress with details anyways.


The right is highlighting the fact that the information shared by the whistleblower is “second-hand information.” These outlets are also more focused on Maguire’s political motives than the actual content of the hearing. The committee brought into question the timeline in which Maguire released the information, as many raised questions of whether or not he was stonewalling. 

Where's the common ground?

Both sides are questioning the accuracy of the information presented by the whistleblower and are curious about how Congress will move forward with the information that has been presented. An impeachment inquiry has already begun, and most sense that the information gathered this week will be crucial to the coming proceedings.

The mood

Juul CEO Steps Down Amidst Vaping Health Crisis⛑


In case you haven’t heard...

Co-founder and CEO of E-cigarette company Juul, Kevin Burns, announced his resignation on Wednesday. The announcement happened amidst state and federal crackdowns on flavored e-cigarettes in response to hundreds of cases countrywide of people getting sick from vaping-related lung diseases.  

What changes now?

Burns will be replaced immediately by K. C. Crosthwaite, chief growth officer at Altria Group, a part owner of Juul. Juul also said that it will not lobby against the Trump Administration’s proposed ban on fruit-flavored vaping products and will be suspending all broadcast, print and digital advertising for its products. 


Sources that see Juul’s crisis as a sign that vaping is becoming a dying industry tend to recommend Juul’s cooperation. They highlight the company’s acceptance of the proposed ban in addition to its suspension of advertising. Some describe Juul as “frantic” in looking for a way to survive in the industry, saying that Juul has become “the face of the current health crisis.”


Sources arguing that things are not over yet for the vaping industry see Juul’s actions as a marketing maneuver. They speak of how Altria is a tobacco company and a major investor in Juul, as well as how Crosthwaite has great past experience in commercial and regulatory areas. Some also bring up Juul’s decision to focus on regulatory matters so as to combat irresponsible vaping. 

Where's the common ground?

Many sources speak of the end of merger talks between Altria and Philip Morris International as another sign of business uncertainty. Some also propose that Juul’s cooperation is due to the fear of the government banning it from selling all its products. 

If this really is the end of an era, vape memes, you will be missed.
Extra extra...✨📰✨

One year after Palu quake. A magnitude 6.5 earthquake strikes an island of Indonesia and leaves at least 21 people dead (CBS)

Get dunk'd. The Attorney General of New York sues Dunkin’ Donuts for not protecting its customer accounts for cyber attacks (Reuters)

24.8 in 100k. A Pentagon report finds that suicide rates of active duty soldiers increased to the highest level in 5 years in 2018 (USA Today)

Canada first! McDonald’s announces it will try offering a Beyond Meat burger at 28 locations in Southwest Ontario (CNN Business)

"No apparent risk." Researchers found that certain plastic tea bags leave high levels of microplastics in the water (BBC)

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