Friday - 01/29/21
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"The older I grow the more I distrust the familiar doctrine that age brings wisdom."
- H.L. Mencken

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Melania Trump to establish a “post-white house office” in Palm Beach, Florida

  • Trump’s office will consist of three former White House staff members including the First Lady’s former Director of Operations Hayley D’Antuono, Mary “Casey” Finzer, former assistant of the East Wing Officer is part of the operational and administrative side of the post-White-House team, and Marcia Kelly, former senior advisor to Trump
  • Trump’s purpose for the establishment is to continue her “Be Best“ campaign that promotes the concept of children’s health and safety post-office


Auschwitz survivors receive opportunity to receive COVID-19 vaccine 

  • Holocaust survivors in Austria and Slovakia have received their first round of the COVID-19 vaccination as an acknowledgment of past suffering and resilience 76 years after Soviet troops released the victims from the Auschwitz death camp
  • More than 400 Austrian survivors were brought by shuttle or ambulance to the convention center in Vienna to receive their first dose of shots. Some were accompanied by their children
  • The President of the European Jewish Congress guaranteed that all Holocaust survivors have access to the vaccine as of earlier this week
  • According to Israel’s National Statistics Office, about 900 Holocaust survivors died of the coronavirus prior to vaccination availability and about 5,300 were infected


Apple reaches new record in push handset revenue

  • Apple Inc. reported a 57% rise in sales in China due to an accelerated increase of the new 5G iPhone over the holiday quarter
  • Apple’s revenue for the quarter ending on December 26th revealed a 21% increase to $111.44 billion, with the profits beating Wall Street’s expectations
  • The company also highlighted a sales increase of its Mac laptops and iPads due to the high demand by consumers working and learning at home during the pandemic


PS5 restock sold out at Sony Direct

  • Sony Direct sold out in short order of PS5 consoles within thirty minutes of its stock replenishing
  • Sony Direct restocks have been known to have short durations. However, purchase queues will begin to open up during this week, similar to ones run by Sony in previous months
  • Potential buyers are suggested to browse Amazon, GameStop, Target, and Walmart, as these retailers have demonstrated a more frequent restock within the month of January

US 🦅

D.C. police report second officer suicide following Capitol riot

  • A second police officer involved in the containment of the Capitol building insurrection has taken his own life. Jeffery Smith of Washington, D.C. Metro Police was identified and ruled as a suicide on Wednesday
  • Smith served as a 12-year veteran of the force that was designated to patrol in the 2nd district
  • Howard Liebengood of U.S. Capitol Police was the first officer confirmed to have died by suicide on January 9th, three days after the event


Teachers threaten strike until COVID-19 vaccine received 

  • Chicago school teachers were supposed to return to their classrooms this past Wednesday, but are refusing to do so until they have received the vaccine
  • Chicago Public Schools, part of the third-largest public school district, were forced to push back their original return date for teachers after the teachers union voted against returning to classrooms until the vaccine is offered to them
  • In the past week, the percentage of kindergarten through 12th-grade students participating in “virtual-only” schools declined from nearly 50% to 42%
  • Kristin Roberts, a preschool teacher at the Brentano Math and Science Academy, stated “Community spread is still so high in Chicago, and so many people are sick and dying. I don’t know how to keep myself safe in an old building with so many people.”


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