WEDNESDAY - 05/13/20
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"Tough times never last, but tough people do. "
-Robert H. Schuller

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Tesla threatens employees to return to work 

  • Employees have reported that Tesla, the American electric vehicle company, is using ‘threatening tactics’ via email to try and get them back to work, even as it remains unsafe during the pandemic
  • Elon Musk is moving forward and reopening the factory in Fremont, CA, publicly defying the state’s stay-at-home order

US 🦅

LA extends stay at home order 

  • Los Angeles County’s Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer announced Tuesday that Los Angeles’ quarantine could extend well into the summer 
  • Restrictions are likely to be “gradually relaxed” with a five step plan, but with over 1,300 deaths in the county so far, the necessity of the the stay-at-home order remains clear


Dr. Fauci issues warning about reopening 

  • Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease specialist, says that easing restrictions too quickly will result in “suffering and death that could be avoided”
  • These comments are much less optimistic than President Trump’s, who has been pushing for states to reopen in order to boost the economy


Some Apple employees to return to in-person work

  • Apple employees will reportedly return to work in two phases over the next few months, as the company calls workers back to different offices nationwide
  • The strategy diverges from that of many other tech companies who have made plans to extend work-from-home policies. In fact, companies like Facebook and Google are allowing workers to remain at home until at least the end of the year 


Putin’s spokesman hospitalized with coronavirus 


Oldest evidence of humans found in Bulgaria 

  • Bones discovered in a Bulgarian cave may reveal that humans arrived in Europe earlier than previously thought
  • Prior to this discovery, the oldest known European bones (uncovered in Romania) led to the conclusion that humans had migrated from Africa 47,000 years ago


  • Money💰. Sign up by 12pm Wednesday to receive your stimulus check via direct deposit
  • Space 🚀. Astronaut sends message of hope down to earth amid pandemic 
  • Crime 🚓. Arrest made in 1988 Australian murder of gay American
  • Sports 👟. Runner Mary Cain signs with Boston-based Tracksmith 
  • Wholesome 🥰. Get excited: Guy Fieri and Bill Murray are planning a “nacho battle” to raise money for charity 

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