Friday - 06/12/20
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"My fake plants died because I did not pretend to water them."
- Mitch Hedberg 

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Republicans clash with Trump over Confederate names

  • The Republican-led Senate Armed Services Committee voted Thursday to rename Defense Department assets like military bases, aircraft, and ships that are named after Confederate Generals
  • President Trump threatened to veto any such legislation, urging members of his party to keep the names of “our legendary military bases”


Mass graves discovered in Libya

  • The UN has discovered eight mass graves south of Tripoli on Thursday, in territory recently captured by rebel forces
  • No official death toll estimate has been released, but one grave contained at least fifteen bodies and others were said to hold entire families
Additional context: War in Libya: how did it start, who is involved, and what happens next?


Stocks plummet amidst fear of pandemic resurgence

  • The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 6.9% on Thursday, the worst crash since US coronavirus cases began surging in March
  • The crash came as a dozen states reported spikes in coronavirus infections. 
  • Some of the rise in cases can be attributed to increased testing, but many states are experiencing higher hospitalization rates and shortages of ICU beds


Microsoft, Amazon halt police use of facial recognition

  • Microsoft and Amazon stopped offering their facial recognition technology to police Thursday, following a similar move from IBM to pull it from the market generally
  • Microsoft said it would consider selling its facial recognition software to police once there are federal regulations to protect human rights
Additional context: Federal study confirms racial bias of many facial-recognition systems, casts doubt on their expanding use

US 🦅

Trump threatens to intervene in Seattle

  • President Trump gave an ultimatum to Seattle officials Thursday: “Take back your city NOW. If you don’t do it, I will”
  • Gov. Jay Inslee responded, saying that state officials will not allow threats of military violence from the White House
Additional context: Welcome to the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, where Seattle protesters gather without police


NFL pledges $250MM to combat racism

  • The NFL on Thursday pledged to donate $250 million to support criminal justice reform, police reform, and economic and educational advancement in light of “historic injustices faced by African-Americans”
  • The league said it would also use its media properties, including NFL Network, to promote awareness of social justice issues


  • Science 🧬. Chilean researchers discover 74 million-year-old teeth
  • Money 💵. The Treasury says it will not yet put Harriet Tubman on the twenty-dollar bill
  • Environment 🌲. Half of Earth’s ice-free land remains relatively untouched by humans
  • Interesting 🔎 Yellowknife woman wins 55 million dollar lottery
  • Funny 😹. Woman hitches ride in canoe

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