Friday - 04/23/21
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Andrew Giuliani prepares for NY gubernatorial bid 

  • The former White House public liaison official, and son of Rudy Giuliani, will meet with former President Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago next week to discuss his final plans before launching a campaign for New York governor 
  • Giuliani revealed that he will be meeting with donors and interviewing potential staff during his visit to Florida while highlighting that he wants the President to “be as involved as he wants to be” 
  • After recently relocating back to New York after his time working in the White House, Giuliani says he is committed to visit all 62 counties of the state during the first month of his campaign launch 


Hong Kong journalist convicted for her work 

  • Bao Choy was convicted as of Thursday for providing false statements in order to access a database as part of an investigation on alleged police misconduct of a violent mob attack on pro-democracy protestors in 2019
  • The journalist was found guilty of violating Hong Kong’s Road Traffic Ordinance through searching the vehicle registration database while producing the award-winning documentary, “Hong Kong Connection: 7.21 Who Owns the Truth?” for a public broadcast station
  • The program, which aired in July 2020, identified specific vehicles that were suspected of supplying weapons to the attackers. The database allowed producers to connect these vehicles to local village representatives
  • Choy was charged with a 6,000 Hong Kong dollar penalty and possible six-month imprisonment.


Amazon introduces cashier-free technology to “Fresh” supermarkets 

  • The automated checkout technology has appeared in planning documents for a new “Fresh” supermarket in Brookfield, Connecticut, adding to Amazon’s growing grocery line 
  • “Just Walk Out” will allow customers to avoid long checkout lines by tracking their items and charging them once they leave
  • Additional features of these stores will include electronic shelving systems with large staging areas placed at the front of the building where shoppers can efficiently collect their Amazon or grocery orders that were placed online. These designated sections will also provide users with the ability to return packages free of charge


Apple announces release of the “AirTag”

  • The “AirTag” has been created with a “Simple yet unique” design, which will serve the purpose of tracking items that are frequently misplaced 
  •  Apple’s senior director of sensing and connectivity, Ron Huang, told Fast Company that the biggest selling point for this piece of technology is its strong suit in user privacy, due to its utilization of encrypted networks that would prohibit third parties from reading the tracker’s location 
  • The AirTag will become available to preorder on Friday, April 23 for $29 and will begin its shipments on April 30th

US 🦅

Washington D.C. approved to become 51st state 

  • The House approved the legislation this past Thursday and will forward the bill to the Senate. However, with the Senate’s even divide between the two parties, the proposal may face conflict 
  • Republicans are against providing D.C. with statehood, due to the likelihood of two more Democratic senators and an additional Democratic House member
  • The White House has announced its support for the legislation, as they claim it will assist residents of the District with the opportunity of full representation in Congress 


NASA pulls breathable oxygen from Mars 

  • The vagabonding science lab used an instrument nicknamed “Moxie,” in its success of obtaining atoms off molecules of carbon dioxide, enabling the creation of oxygen 
  • Jim Reuter, associate administrator of NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate, stated that this accomplishment was a critical first step at converting carbon dioxide to oxygen on Mars 
  • Reuter claims that similar technology would be able to produce rocket propellant and breathable air for future astronauts 


  • Environment 🌲. Google emphasizes the importance of planting trees through a creative Earth Day doodle 
  • Sports ⚽. Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Tom Brady expresses dissatisfaction with new NFL uniform  rule
  • Entertainment 🎭. Demi Lovato faces criticism after talking about the process of her drug recovery in her recently released docu-series Dancing with the Devil
  • Interesting 🔎. LeVar Burton to guest host Jeopardy 
  • Funny 😹. Turtle crashes through windshield of a 71-year-old woman’s vehicle while driving on Florida highway

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