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Following last Wednesday's 2,237-word manifesto on Facebook's new "privacy-focused vision for social networking," Mark Zuckerberg is facing a barrage of criticism for the narrow and potentially misleading way that he defines the concept of privacy. Critiques disapprove of everything from Zuckerberg's business tactics to his choice of metaphor.
Facebook in a nutshell

Trump Releases His 2020 Budget Proposal 📊


Military spending up social program spending down

Yesterday, the Trump Administration sent congress a 2020 budget plan (titled "A Budget for a Better America. Promises Kept. Taxpayers First.") that proposes a record $4.75 trillion in annual government spending. The plan includes a 5% increase in military spending, $8.6bn for a border wall, and reductions to social programs including food stamps, Medicare, and housing assistance.

Dems called it ‘dead on arrival’

The president doesn’t set the budget – Congress is responsible for appropriating money – so Trump’s proposal is mostly a political statement. Sen. Leahy (D-VT) called the budget “dead on arrival and divorced from reality” – so it’s fair to say the Dems don’t love the plan and will negotiate for a budget that is very different.


The left sees Trump’s budget plan as unrealistic, bad for the poor, and a dereliction of fiscal responsibility. Articles from the left focus on what they see as Trump going against his word: he is not protecting healthcare or social programs and he is not paying off the national debt (as he claimed he would during the campaign).


The right is pleased with the president’s budget plan. Articles from the right underline the importance of balancing the budget (Trump’s plan would balance the budget by 2034) and applaud the president for tackling the national debt. Most articles acknowledge that Trump’s plan will almost certainly not match the actual budget Congress passes.


Will the 2020 budget look like Trump’s plan?

With the Democrats in control of the House, probably not. But, the Trump budget plan does give us a view into the political battles to come, leading up to 2020. If Trump’s political tactics match his budget, in 2020 he’ll double down on the wall and immigration, tout the strength of the U.S. military, and position himself as the candidate who will bring economic strength.

Trying to balance the budget like...
Partisan Clash at Press Conference 📺
Back at it

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders held her first official press conference in a month on Monday. Questions focused on Trump’s statement that “Democrats hate Jewish people.”

Sanders and Acosta

Jim Acosta of CNN, in particular, sparred with Sanders about Trump’s portrayal of the Democrats as anti-Semitic, after Senator Ilhan Omar made comments on Israel that could be taken as anti-semitic. Reporters brought in Trump’s comments on the Charlottesville protestors in August 2017.

Sources on the left focus on the idea that Sanders would not confirm whether or not Trump believes in his statement that the “Democrats hate Jews,” presenting her unclear answer as a purposeful deflection. Sources also focus on the idea that Sanders deflected blame onto the Democrats, saying that they should answer questions about their alleged anti-Semitism.

Sources on the right state that Trump’s comments that the Charlottesville protesters were “very fine people” were “false.” Breitbart also focuses on CNN’s lack of credibility, describing the “deceptive edits” of a video of Trump leading to an allegedly biased portrayal of the president.

Partisan politics

The argumentative interaction between Sanders and Acosta exemplified the aggressive nature of the press conference as a whole, as well as the political polarization now commonplace between Democrats and Republicans, and between the White House and the press.

White House press briefing or boxing match? You be the judge.
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Extra extra...✨📰✨

Recent recall. Honda announces it will recall over 1 million cars due to airbag issues (AP)

War on smog. China announces it will expand its coal-to-wind or coal-to-gas efforts to 35 cities (Reuters)

Shakeup. Abdelaziz Bouteflika, Algeria’s president for the past 20 years, announces he will not run for reelection this spring (BBC)

Voter access. Facebook restores Sen. Elizabeth’s Warren’s ads, which call for the break-up of tech giants (The Verge)

New old species. Scientists discover a wallaby-sized dinosaur that lived in Australia over 125 million years ago (USA Today)

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