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What do you think is the most successful electric car ever? Hint: it's not a Tesla. It's a Nissan Leaf. You know, that kind of weird looking car that you didn't even know was electric. The Nissan Leaf hit the market 10 years ago and has sold 360,000 units. Tesla's Model S comes in second place at 240,000 units - though to be fair it did come out a few years after the Leaf.
Electric vehicle haters
National Voting Day 🗳️
Increasing voter turnout
The idea of making election day a federal holiday in the US is gaining steam again. In 2014, Bernie Sanders proposed a bill to Congress that got nowhere. Now that Bernie's back in the presidential race for 2020, making election day a holiday is becoming a topic of debate. 
More than just a holiday
Most 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls have voiced their support for creating an election day holiday. Several are also campaigning for automatic voter registration and making it easier for everyone to vote by mail.
Those who believe election day shouldn't be a holiday believe it will do more bad than good. They argue the following: it will be a waste of tax dollars to give government employees a paid day off, it will create a headache for businesses, it will take kids out of school and make it difficult for many working parents and finally it will result in a loss of economic productivity. Some also argue there are already plenty of opportunities for early voting.
Richmond Times Dispatch (opinion): Election Day school holiday makes sense
Those who believe election day should be a holiday believe it will help increase voter turnout and create a stronger Democracy. One argument they make is that those lower on the socio-economic rung have a harder time getting out and voting on a work day. They also note that voting is inconsistent across state lines or even cities, making it inaccessible to those who might not know that their voting location closes earlier than another, for example. Making the day a holiday would increase access and simply voting.
Why do we vote in November? And on a Tuesday?
Back in the day when the US was primarily an agrarian society, it was decided that November made most sense for voting since it was at the end of the harvest season for farmers but before winter weather kicked in. And Tuesday was chosen primarily because Sunday was a day for worship and rest.
Sunday in the 21st century

Harris Faces Heat in New Hampshire 🔥


Getting a head start

Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) paid a visit to New Hampshire yesterday, a state she’s said is very important to her for her 2020 presidential run. Her recent remarks on hot topics, however, have caught the attention of both left-leaning and right-leaning media for very different reasons.

Why New Hampshire?

The New Hampshire primary is the first primary election in the presidential race, and is the second party contest after the Iowa Caucus. Strong performance in this primary is important to candidates, and therefore New Hampshire functions as a testing ground for candidates to predict their performance across the rest of the country.


The left is somewhat split between focusing on Harris’s refusal to label herself a Democratic Socialist and identifying the difficulties Harris will have in New Hampshire as a Californian. The state has a tendency to support New Englanders in the primaries (e.g. someone like Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders).


The right is choosing to focus on Harris’s initial remarks about the Jussie Smollett attack, likening the attack to a modern-day lynching on Twitter. Further investigation of the attack on Smollett revealed a much less clean-cut version of the story, and the right is choosing to focus on Harris’s response when her tweet was brought up at a New Hampshire appearance.

Lots to unpack

Harris’s commitment to campaign in New Hampshire, despite her lower chances of winning the primary there given her background, is notable. However, her premature jump to conclusions on the Smollett attack demonstrates the extent to which candidates are being scrutinized in a Democratic race which is still anyone’s game.

Trying to figure out who the Democratic nominee will be
Extra extra...✨📰✨

Knocking on your door. NYC subpoenaed Airbnb to get access to 20,000 listings to check if they meet local regulations (CNN Business)

Doh. 400,000 boxes of "gluten free" cereal has been recalled because they might have gluten in them (Fox Business)

Sharing nuclear intel. The House Oversight Committee released a report detailing efforts by the White House to construct nuclear power plants in Saudi Arabia (USA Today)

Young activists. Oregon is thinking about lowering the voting age to 16 (CNN)
Second time's a charm? Bernie Sanders is officially running for president again and they raised $4M in one day (The Hill)
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