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US Military Station in Somalia Attacked by Extremists 😔


An extremist group admits to the act of terrorism

The US military base in Baledogle was attacked by a suicide bomber and gunfire on Monday. The East African extremist group, al-Shabaab, has claimed responsibility for the offense. The Baledogle airstrip has been employed as a locale for the training of Somali troops and the launch of drones against al-Shabaab.

The US facility was not the only military cluster that was attacked

The attack on the US base was eventually thwarted by US-African troops, resulting in the death of 10 of the Islamic extremists. Additionally, separate from the attack on Baledogle, an Italian military convoy containing EU advisers was attacked in Somali's capital, Mogadishu, the same day.


Many on the left refer to al-Shabaab as "militants." In some cases, the left uses "terrorist" to describe an act of violence, not to label a person or group. 

Articles on the right, on the other hand, refer to al-Shabaab as "terrorists," denoting the atrocity of their actions in blunt terms. 
Where's the common ground?
This is a story that produces a minimal infusion of bias. Both sides convey a sense of the Baledogle incident as an outright attack on US military property and personnel.
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Trump Impeachment Inquiry Updates 📜

Trump lashes out

The story surrounding Trump’s impeachment and the involvement of an anonymous whistleblower has been ramping up. The latest reports include: a Trump tweet indicating a civil war-like divide in the country if he were removed from office, concern for the whistleblower’s safety, and further comments from Trump calling for Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) to be arrested for treason. Here is a detailed summary.

A former comedian, the US president, and an anonymous whistleblower walk into a bar...

As news surrounding this story continues to develop, here are the key people involved to look out for:

  • Donald Trump – President of the United States
  • Volodymyr Zelensky – President of Ukraine, and a former comedian and TV star
  • Joe Biden – Former Vice President of the United States
  • Hunter Biden – Son of Joe Biden and former board member of Ukrainian gas company Burisma
  • Nancy Pelosi – Speaker of the House leading the formal impeachment inquiry
  • Rudy Giulani – Former mayor of New York City and current personal lawyer to President Trump
  • Viktor Shokin – Former Ukrainian prosecutor that investigated Hunter Biden
  • Anonymous Whistleblower – Individual whose complaint has led to the impeachment inquiry

The left focuses its reporting on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) comments regarding impeachment and on reports that state that the whistleblower’s attorneys are worried about their client’s safety. They quote McConnell’s comments stating that he would have “no choice” but to take up impeachment proceedings if the House votes to do so. The left also highlights a letter from the whistleblower’s legal team to the Director of National Intelligence stating their concern for their client’s safety following Trump’s recent comments.


The right builds a narrative surrounding allegations of involvement by the ‘Deep State’ and that recent events surrounding the whistleblower and calls for impeachment have been a ‘political setup’ by the Democrats. They cite an Economist/YouGov survey of 1000 likely US voters, which reported that 35% of Americans agree that the ‘Deep State’ is involved. Additionally, the right highlights Liz Cheney’s tweets and alleges that the formal whistleblower complaint form was secretly revised in August to help facilitate the involvement of Congress.

Where's the common ground?

The common ground is limited to brief details surrounding the whistleblower, Ukraine, and calls for impeachment. The tone and narrative of the reporting have been significantly different.

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Extra extra...✨📰✨

WeWon't go public. WeWork cancels plans for an initial public offering (Reuters)

A vaccine for wildfires. Researchers develop a gel that could make vegetation flame retardant for an entire fire season (Wired)

It's official. Forever 21 files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection (NBC News)

First in the US. California Governor, Gavin Newsom, signed a bill that would allow college athletes to collect endorsements in 2023 (ESPN)

Oops... Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY) resigns from Congress and will plea guilty to insider trading in court tomorrow (NPR)

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