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Judge blocks attempt to indefinitely hold immigrant families 🚧

Trump immigration agenda blocked 

Federal District Judge Dolly Gee issued a permanent injunction that struck down new regulations by the Trump administration that would have let them override the Flores agreement. The administration's new regulations would have allowed immigrant children to be detained for longer than 20 days.

What is the Flores Agreement?

The Flores Agreement prevents the federal government from detaining migrant children for more than 20 days and also sets the standards of detention facilities. The Trump administration had begun efforts to alter the Flores Agreement after it ended its policy of removing kids from their families in 2018.

The left focuses on the potential impact of the new Trump regulations. These articles remind readers that the lawyers pushing back against the regulations had visited holding facilities in June that were “overcrowded” and “without adequate food, water and sanitation”. They quote one of the lawyers as describing the Flores Agreement as the “last bulwark against the Trump administration”.

The right highlights that Judge Gee was an Obama appointee and was the same judge that made a 2015 ruling on the Flores Agreement that “drastically” changed the dynamic of migrant detention at the U.S.-Mexico border. They contend that Gee is now trying to stop Trump administration efforts to close the Flores “loophole” that “caused the border surge”.


Where's the common ground?

This ruling shows the divisiveness on the country regarding immigration with both sides playing to their bases. The one thing that they both acknowledge is that the Trump administration is likely to appeal this ruling.  

On to the next judge

Hong Kong protests continue before China National Day 🐉


Take to the streets

This Saturday, over 200,000 protesters donning black face masks and umbrellas filled the streets of Beijing-ruled Hong Kong along with riot police wielding water cannons, rubber bullets, and tear gas. September 28 marked the 5th anniversary of the Umbrella Movement, a series of mass pro-democracy protests that lasted 79 days in downtown Hong Kong. After demonstrators threw molotov cocktails and targeted government offices, police began to fire blue dye and tear gas and made several arrests.

Demonstration dilemmas 

Though these demonstrations demanding universal suffrage have continued since June even after a controversial extradition bill was withdrawn, tensions are especially high due to concerns over the impact they would have on this week's celebration of China's National Day. In response, the government scaled down many of the planned festivities.


Articles against the protests focus on the danger and violence they subject the city to and its residents. They frame the protesters as anarchic delinquents and focus on the fact that Saturday's protest was unauthorized. Other sources express concern that the protests will upstage China's meticulous plans to celebrate the strength and power of the Communist Party. 


Those supporting the protests focus on the peaceful and commemorative beginning of the Umbrella Movement's anniversary. Coverage also includes personal accounts from demonstrators and their frustration with excessive police force, including torture in some cases, and the Chinese government's oppressive interference in Hong Kong. 

Where's the common ground?

Though both sides disagree on the justification of the protests and government force, they do agree that the violence should be resolved in order to best protect citizens' rights, which may include intervention from the U.S. 

Any country: We're having some personal issues
Extra extra...✨
Summer straight to winter. A historic "winter" storm has already hit the western US with 3 feet of snow (USA Today)
Turning tides. New polls show 55% of Americans support the Trump impeachment inquiry (CBS News)
Bad joy ride. Illinois man is being charged with terrorism after driving an SUV through a mall (Fox News)
Lambo(s). Swiss authorities are auctioning 25 supercars seized from the VP of Equatorial Guinea (The Guardian)
Born again. Kanye West will apparently only make gospel music going forward (The Fader)
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