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“The need for change bulldozed a road down the center of my mind.”

—Maya Angelou

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California GOP accused of installing illegal ballot dropboxes

  • On Monday, the California Secretary of State and Department of Justice sent the California Republican Party a cease and desist order to remove unofficial ballot drop boxes that were placed in at least three CA counties
  • Republicans defended the move, citing a 2016 law allows voters to designate any person to collect and return a completed ballot to election officials, and stated the party will not comply with the state’s order


Thailand bans gatherings following Bangkok protests

  • Early Thursday morning, Thailand’s government banned gatherings of more than five people and publication of news that could harm national security
  • Protestors have been calling for limits on the King Maha Vajiralongkorn’s power and for the resignation of Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha. Further, they demand the government under Chan-ocha to be dissolved, the constitution to be rewritten, and for authorities to stop harassing critics
Context: Thailand has had a long history of political unrest. The new wave emerged when PM Chan-ocha’s government, who took power following a 2014 military coup, ordered the Future Forward Party– a rising pro-democracy opposition– to dissolve despite gaining the third-largest share of parliamentary seats back in March 2019


Wells Fargo fires more than 100 workers for abusing coronavirus relief aid

  • Wells Fargo fired more than 100 employees suspected of improperly tapping into coronavirus relief funds from the Economic Injury Disaster Loan program, a key component of federal efforts to support businesses during the pandemic
  • It’s possible for employees at large companies to tap into U.S. aid for side businesses. A review last month by JPMorgan found more than 500 JPMorgan Chase & Co. employees also tapped into the EIDL program, with dozens doing so improperly


Apple unveils iPhone 12 lineup

  • On Tuesday, Apple announced the new iPhone 12 lineup that includes four new editions– the $700 iPhone 12 Mini, $800 iPhone 12, $1000 iPhone 12 Pro, and the $1100 iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • New features include the ability to support 5G connectivity, a physical redesign, and an improved camera
  • The company also announced that power adapters and headphones will no longer be included in the box for an iPhone 12 in an effort to create more sustainable packaging

US 🦅

New York party linked to over three dozen coronavirus cases

  • At least 37 coronavirus cases and over 300 contacts can be linked to an illegal Sweet 16 party that was held at the Miller Place Inn on Long Island on September 25
  • 81 people attended, which was in violation of emergency state health codes that limit gatherings to 50 people of 50% capacity. The venue was fined $10,000 by the state and $2000 by Suffolk County, where the inn is located


FDA approves first Ebola drug

  • On Wednesday, the FDA approved Inmazeb, a mixture of antibodies produced by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, as the world’s first treatment against the deadly Ebola pathogen
  • Previously, an American-developed vaccine had helped global health officials control outbreaks. Both the vaccine and drug were developed in the last few years during the world’s worst Ebola outbreaks that hit African countries the hardest


  • Election 🇺🇸. After canceling the second presidential debate, Trump and Biden are set to appear in competing town halls scheduled to air at the same time
  • Sports 🏈 . Alabama football coach and athletic director test positive for coronavirus 
  • Coronavirus 🦠 . Research indicates blood type may play a role in coronavirus infections
  • Entertainment 📺 . Showtime to bring back ‘Dexter’
  • Interesting 🔍. Video of mountain lion stalking hiker goes viral (don't worry, no one was hurt!)

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