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#1: Is Pelosi too Old School? 🤔
Politics in the party

Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has been a Congresswomen since 1987. She became the first female Speaker of the House the last time Democrats controlled the House of Reps (2007-2011). She is favored to win the Speakership in 2019 when Democrats become the majority, but several party members want a new generation of leaders. 

House Speaker 101
The Speaker of the House is the “presiding officer” charged with: setting the legislative agenda, crafting committees, and generally supervising the the House. The Speaker is also after the VP in the presidential line of succession. The House elects the Speaker on the first day of every new Congress. 

The left uses emotionally charged words like “revolution” and “explodes” to describe what they see as in-fighting within their preferred party. Outlets generally believe that Pelosi will prevail, but highlight that most of those opposing Pelosi are a new generation of Democrats. The left also highlights the need for Pelosi’s experience, especially now.


The right is all too eager for Pelosi to win the Speakership as they believe she will serve as the perfect foil for President Trump and incite the Republican base for the 2020 election. Outlets graciously quote Trump’s (likely) backhanded support of Pelosi, “In all fairness, Nancy Pelosi deserves to be chosen Speaker.”


Old Guard vs New Blood

Pelosi’s presumed challenger is African American lawmaker, Marcia L. Fudge (D-Ohio), who threatens to further divide Democrats along racial lines. The battle between the old guard and new blood became public when several Democratic Congressman-elect supported climate change protesters by staging a sit-in in Pelosi’s office. 

Is Nancy's time up?
#2: New Rules for Sexual Assault 🏫
Title IX changes

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos revealed a proposal that would overhaul how sexual assault is handled on federally funded college campuses. The major changes focus on creating a narrower definition of sexual harassment. Proponents believe the current roles don't treat the accused fairly.

Title IX reminder
Title IX is a law from 1972 that targeted discrimination in education based on sex. It started as a sports-equity law that required federally funded schools to treat men's and women's athletics equally and provide both genders with equal access and opportunity in sports.

The left believes the changes will make it harder for students to report assault. They note that 87% of college students live off campus and the new changes don't require colleges to investigate off campus assaults. Articles also point out that the changes require students to file a report with a Title IX coordinator rather than someone they may be more comfortable with, like a coach.


The right praises the proposed changes for restoring basic due process and fairness to college tribunals. This side believes the narrower definition of assault is good because some schools were wrongfully investigating students for “politically incorrect comments about gender or sex” rather than sexual assault.

Will the changes stick?

The proposal represents the third attempt within a decade to reform how schools investigate sexual assault. In a post #MeToo world, it seems unlikely these changes will actually get implemented.  

But in our highly partisan never know
Extra extra...✨📰✨
FL recounts are over. Rick Scott (R) has officially won FL's Senate seat and Ron DeSantis (R) will be FL's next governor (ABC News)
Wildfire 60% contained. The "Camp Fire" in northern CA has now claimed 76 lives, with another 1,300+ unaccounted for (CBS News)
Evidence is everywhere. CIA says Saudi crown prince MBS ordered the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi (CNN)
Alma mater love. Michael Bloomberg has donated $1.8B to Johns Hopkins University for undergraduate student financial aid (Politico)
The next billion dollar brand. Former US presidents can make a pretty penny after they leave office. Take a look at what the Obamas are raking in (NY Post)
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