Tuesday - 04/06/21
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“Why, sometimes, I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”
— Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking-Glass

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Putin signs law paving path for him to run for two more terms as Russian President

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law permitting him to run for two more presidential terms, which could extend his rule until 2036
  • Putin, who will turn 69 this year, is in his fourth presidential term, which will end in 2024. The new legislation would allow him to serve for two more six year terms
  • In addition to increasing the term limits, the referendum also includes other amendments such as a provision that defines marriage as a “union of a man and a woman”


Manchin states concern over corporate tax hikes in Biden’s infrastructure bill

  • Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) has stated that Biden’s infrastructure package will not pass the Senate in its current form due to the corporate tax hikes proposed in the bill
  • Manchin is against increasing the current 21% corporate tax rate to 28%, but is in favor of a 25% corporate tax rate
  • The senator from West Virginia will use the leverage he holds in a 50-50 Senate to request changes to the bill before taking it up for a vote


Credit Suisse execs to depart as a result of Archegos losses

  • Credit Suisse will outline its losses as a result of working with Archegos Capital Management after it was forced to dump over $2 billion worth of stock to mitigate exposure to the troubled investor
  • These events, which would result in a loss of several billion dollars to the Swiss bank, are also expected to cause in the departures of Chief Risk Officer Lara Warner and Investment Banking head Brian Chin


Justice proposes US should regulate social media platforms

  • Justice Clarence Thomas has stated that Congress should look into regulating social media platforms as they have come to have “unbridled control” over “unprecedented” amounts of speech
  • The controversial opinion comes as Twitter banned former President Donald Trump from the platform after he violated its rules on incitement of violence 
  • Thomas’ stance will raise concerns from critics who argue that social media platforms have not historically been subject to content regulation

US 🦅

Minneapolis Police Chief states Derek Chauvin's actions were not in accordance with department policy

  • Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo has stated that Derek Chauvin’s actions and use of extreme force during the arrest of George Floyd is contrary to department policy
  • The chief said that Chauvin’s kneeling on Floyd for nine minutes and 29 seconds was a violation of these policies
  • Minneapolis policy at the time permitted certain neck restraints, but Chauvin’s specific actions were not appropriate according to Arradondo


Latin America continues fight against Covid-19

  • The Covid-19 pandemic is still resurging in some areas of Latin America despite the first Covid-19 vaccinations being administered more than 100 days ago
  • There is significant concern surrounding the high Covid-19 mortality rates in Brazil, Peru, Chile, and Paraguay which may be a sign that the local health systems are being stretched thin
  • Even in countries with a widespread vaccine rollout, equal access is not easy to come by, and health officials are worried that the latest surge is gaining momentum as a result of new variants and lax government regulations


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