Friday - 05/07/21
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Biden reintroduces presidential lunch run 

  • The President brought back the tradition of ordering a take-out lunch for his administration while discussing policies. This past Wednesday, Biden’s lunch of choice came from a new taqueria in Washington called Las Gemelas in honor of Cinco de Mayo
  • Biden hopes that bringing back the “lunch run” will serve as a way to support local businesses hurt by the pandemic as his efforts highlight his administration’s $28.6 billion restaurant relief program 
  • The owner of Las Gemelas, Josh Phillips, arrived at the White House to be greeted by Biden informing him of the $667,000 award the administration had granted the restaurant 


Mexico City subway system collapses

  • Twenty-four people had died this past Monday with more than 70 injured after a subway accident in Mexico City. The incident was recorded as one of the world’s largest subway system’s worst accidents 
  • The train had fallen into a void after emerging from beneath the city and struggling along an elevated surface, leading to the sudden dismantling of two cars
  • As the investigation on what caused the incident persists, several victims’ families are suffering from financial conflict and the lack of immediate needs brought on by the loss of their primary breadwinners


Target to offer $5 coupons to those who get vaccinated in their stores

  • As demand for COVID-19 vaccines begins to fade, Target is now offering shoppers a $5 coupon if they get the vaccine at a CVS pharmacy in its stores
  • "The health and safety of our guests and team members is always our No. 1 focus," Target wrote this week
  • President Biden acknowledged Tuesday that "the pace of vaccination is slowing" as more than 56% of all Americans have already received at least one dose


Amazon promotes steep discounts on iPad Pros 

  • Now that the 2021 models are available for preorder, Amazon is advertising a number of iPad Pros for new record-low prices up to $200 off
  • The 128GB 12.9-inch tablet is now discounted to $799, with the 512GB 11-inch model standing at $949. The final sales are applied through automatic coupons that are reflected on the Amazon checkout page
  • These devices were claimed to be, “As close to laptop replacements as Apple ever got the time they were released,” as 2020’s iOS software updates additionally consisted of trackpad support 

US 🦅

Pandemic affects U.S. birth rate 

  • While Americans predicted a “baby boom” after the duration of coronavirus lockdowns, data has revealed opposite results, as the birth rate of the United States declined in the last quarter of 2020 by more than 6% 
  • Phillip Levine, professor of economics at Wellesley College claims that couples choose to postpone conceiving children in the midst of stressful time periods 
  • However, demographers have reported that births were decreasing even before the pandemic due to the combination of more deaths and less immigration slowing the nation’s population

Cinco de Mayo 🎉

A U-turn in policy

  • Many Miami citizens celebrated the holiday as their official first outing since spending the year isolating from the pandemic after Governor Ron DeSantis suspended all local COVID-19 restrictions 
  • South Florida residents expressed that they felt much more comfortable gathering in celebration after they had received the vaccine. Local Nicole Ramirez showed her gratitude, saying, “It has been such a rough year and it is nice to see everyone out and happy enjoying themselves”
  • While this decision rids of the mask mandate, businesses are still able to possess their own authority and choose their own standards regarding these safety precautions 


  • Environment 🌲. The Environmental Protection Agency declared new rules to reduce the use of pollutants in refrigerators and air conditioners by 85 percent
  • Sports ⚽. Dallas Cowboys release 6 players in order to provide room to more than 20 draft picks 
  • Arts 🎭. Khloe Kardashian and Kris Jenner paid a combined $37 million for adjacent mansions 
  • Interesting 🔎. A farmer accidentally changed the France-Belgium border
  • Funny 😹. A company seeks five “nap reviewers,” to get paid $1,500 for daily naps and documentation on their experience for 30 days

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