THURSDAY - 03/12/20
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"Fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

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WHO officially declares the coronavirus a pandemic

  • On Wednesday, the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus has reached the level of a global pandemic, infecting upwards of 121,000 people worldwide
  • The most severe global pandemic in recent history was the Spanish Influenza, which hit the world in 1918, killing an estimated 20-50 million 


The House unites in vote for the Iran War Powers Resolution

  • In a rare bipartisan vote, the House of Representatives voted Wednesday 227-186 to decrease President Trump’s war powers 
  • The resolution moves to end military involvement in Iran in response to the January attack on Iranian General Qasem Soleimani
  • While the resolution has passed in both the House and the Senate, Trump is expected to veto it when it lands on his desk


Coronavirus takes its toll on the film industry

  • Theaters in China, France, Italy, and South Korea are all either completely closed or operating at a fraction of their typical capacity, with box offices seeing a $5 billion drop from typical box office revenues
  • Movie production has been set back, including production of “No Time to Die” and “Peter Rabbit”
  • Wednesday evening, actor Tom Hanks announced that he and wife Rita Wilson have tested positive for the coronavirus while filming in Australia


Merger between T-Mobile and Sprint passes in California

  • The merger between the 3rd and 4th largest cellular providers has passed it largest roadblock, as California decided not to appeal the decision from a US District Court
  • Prior to its decision, California had been a major opponent to the merger, arguing that it would consolidate competition and drive up prices

US 🦅

One woman’s accomplishments just became a paid holiday in Colorado

  • Frances Xavier Cabrini, the creator of 67 schools, orphanages, and hospitals in North, Central, and South America, will have Cabrini Day named after her in the state of Colorado 
  • The holiday will replace Columbus Day, a move that legislators said would better represent community members


Disney World and Disneyland remain open despite COVID-19

  • While Disney parks in Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Shanghai are closed due to the worldwide pandemic, the U.S. parks have remained open for business
  • Measures being taken by Disney to keep tourists safe in the highly-trafficked parks include close monitoring of sanitary conditions in accordance with the CDC and installing additional hand washing stations


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