MONDAY - 04/27/20
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“This is the week where I feel like I have accepted this, and given up. My daily commute to the couch feels ‘normal.'"
-Euna Chi

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Trump says daily briefings are “not worth the effort”

  • President Donald Trump expressed frustration with his daily COVID-19-related media briefings, stating that they are “not worth the time and effort”
  • On Saturday evening, Trump lashed out on Twitter: claiming that the media has responded poorly to his press conferences, referring to reporters as “hostile,” and suggesting he has led to network news receiving high ratings
  • Viewers have begun to question the lack of presence of Dr. Anthony Fauci (who has been absent as of late)


Kim Jong-un’s health in question

  • Conflicting reports of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s health surfaced this weekend
  • Hong Kong media declares him dead, Japanese media claims that he is in a vegetative state, and South Korean media reports he is of good health
  • The leader’s absence from Saturday’s noted 88th anniversary of the birth of the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army further fueled death rumors


Georgia begins to reopen

  • Restaurants, movie theaters, and private social clubs will be allowed to reopen in Georgia on Monday
  • Though reopening will be allowed, it is not expected that many businesses will conduct operations in fear of transmitting COVID-19
  • Restaurants wishing to reopen have to screen employees for signs of illness, require staff members to wear face masks at all times, and limit capacity


Facebook sets sights on Zoom

  • Facebook is creating a new video conference version of its Messenger app, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced Friday
  • The new service allows users to host a meeting with up to 50 people at once with no time limit, Zuckerberg said in a video announcement
  • The app is meant to challenge the videoconference program Zoom for market share amid Zoom’s privacy concerns

US 🦅

Lousiana pastor placed on house arrest

  • Pastor Tony Spell of Baton Rouge, Lousiana was placed on house arrest after refusing to tell a judge whether or not he would continue holding service despite the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Spell stated: “Tomorrow at 12 o’clock, my voice will be silenced for several months…I will continue to do what I do. This is not about me. This is about our religious liberties" 
  • Spell was also accused of attempting to run over a protester with his church bus


UFC fight to take place in Florida with no fans

  • The UFC, along with all other sports leagues, has been out of commission since the outbreak of COVID-19
  • UFC president Dana White claims that “someone has to take the first step,” going forth with a fighting event in Jacksonville on May 9th
  • Health officials are claiming that it is still too soon to hold close-combat sporting events, and it will only proliferate the spread of the virus
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